New Hero Idea: Energy

Energy is fav class so naturally I come up with another one.
Halloway is my second fav hero, so why not have a hero that mimics the enemy

Name: Mirror
Position: Midline
Weapon: Special (Sword or Blade)

Bronze: Randomly swaps enemy abilities with one of the allied heroes
Silver: Disorienting the enemy with a toss of the blade
Gold: Randomly summons one of the enemy heroes image when bronze is casted, summon atk dmg of 125
Plat: All summons gain atk dmg of 100 if there are no summons on the field all allied heroes gain crit dmg of 25

I’m thinking the hero could be a girl even CopyCat would be a good name :blush:


(Sorry for the translation …)

Such an idea I had and my hero was called CopyCat from the beginning;)

Here is my version:

Name: CopyCat
Gender: Female
Faction: Peoples Guard or Ranger

Position: Middle
Weapon: (good question)

  1. Idea - staff (with blue bolts … but how to load a staff :wink: )
  2. Idea: pistol or special weapon

Bronze: (active) Mirror Shield

The lowest health ally gets a mirror shield for x seconds and reflects x damage to a random opponent.

Silver: (active) Mirrior - Doppelganger (max 3)

Creates a Mirror - Doppelganger of itself. This doppelganger reflects x damage to a random opponent (I think 1 - 2 percent for the doppelganger)

Gold: (passive) Broken Mirrior

When the Mirrior shield of an allied hero is destroyed, all enemies receive little damage (due to the flying glass shards)

Platinum: (passive) Mirrior Force

Reflects x percent damage received on a random opponent.


Great minds think alike Lol

I like:rofl:…perhaps in this style:
A sexy slim female with shoulder pads & big blue glasses?

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Great, I love blondes :heart_eyes: . As an energy hero, everything would have to be kept a bit blue. Hmm, energy balls as a weapon would be something special

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;)…It’s just a style, this character is a marvel hero
No pink, blue is better yes
and perhaps for her bronze power: Copycat throw on enemy a tracer and copy his gun?
She can change gun with new use in the match
A big gauntlet with computer create a 3D gun instantly….Mimic Power!!!

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The glasses would make her nerdy cute, like that :heart_eyes:

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