About sabotaging AW perks

I just wanted to point out that you can sabotage a perk in AW, but you can’t do it with surprise attack. so technically you can’t really sabotage at all, because the HQ boosts literally make it impossible. 250% boost? and yes it can technically be done if the circumstances are right, but the probability of those circumstances occurring is so low that i bet most alliances have never sabotaged a perk. i think the sabotage function would be way more effective and add to the strategy involved if you could sabotage through a surprise attack… that’s all folks!

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U r right, under normal circumstance it can’t be done. Unless…
u trying to get revenge and determine to destroy another team. (Sry… I I haven’t screencapture it.:smile:)

My guess is the implementation of sabotage is meant to be for the first day of war when not all tiles and paths to the base are already claimed. Sometimes alliances leave their flanks open as they rush towards centre meaning sabotage can be viable but I am not sure if you can sabotage something that isn’t built yet.

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Sabotage is one of the perks my Alliance doesn’t worry about. Seems like a long shot to make it worth the investment

it it would work with suprise attack it would actually make sense

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