Please Put A Delay On Surprise Attacks

When AW first started every war start was like a rat race. The war would start and we would all rush the map in a race to claim the best territory. If you came up short it was your alliances fault and you knew the ones that claimed what you wanted deserved it.
Now its a Surprise attack on the start and every alliance is doing it. It takes away from the rat race i loved and its Random. We are talking the matter of fractions of a sec can decide the war at the very start. Takes all the fun out of what used to be my favorite part of AW.
What i propose is simple. Delay the rush build on surprise attacks by 5 min. Let us get our rat race back and give the ones that truly deserve a good start a chance to take it the way it was originally meant to be. :slight_smile:


I agree with you 100%

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Gotta agree, loved rushing to the middle settling our camp there

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Quit it before munin shuts you down. You’re literally just arguing over strategy. There’s no one correct way to fight.

Your a 100% right. I will not respond to trolling posts. It is counter productive and its too easy to get sucked in. I have retracted my previous posts and I thank you for reminding me why we are all here in the first place. :slight_smile:

I agree.
easy war, best war.

Change my mind
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Exactly, no one ever complains when they win… only when they lose.

I would say, too late for that now

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Or after start AW, for 1st day block all platinum improvements.

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