Active alliance wanted for me and a friend

I am a very active player and I created my own alliance, however no one in the alliance other than my friend are doing patrolls or are high enough to start a war. I am looking for an alliance to join where I can contribute and benefit from that.



We will welcome you both with open arms

What’s you and your friends in-game user names?

You can check us out if u want, my in game name is elf818, our alliance name is Stuffington. Hit me up if ur interested.

Yes we would like to know

Best to go on war leaderboards and check out top alliance’s minimum level and requirements. If you think you are able to meet the mins at your level send request and direct message the commander. Top war alliances are always finding new members especially after season ends.

Bradassss and tjwyman

My name is Bradasss and my friends name is tjwyman. We play everyday.

My friends name is tjwyman and my name is bradassss. would you send us an invite?.

Thank you,

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@Raz he has a lower power alliance. I think he can help you out

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I do! It’s called Soul Reaver!