Looking for active lower ranked alliance

Im looking for an active lower ranking alliance.
Level 61 and team rank is little over 153k. Any active alliances for events?

Every alliance I’ve join has half the team barely active.

Thanks in advance

At your power I would suggest looking through VIP or the alliance war rankings to find a good alliance, you’ll find alliances ranking in the top 100 in war are usually fairly active, make sure to look in the appropriate bracket so alliances under 5m total I would recommend for you

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[REAVE] Razielo has a good starter alliance, he may be able to make a spot for u. Definitely check him out

You can check our upcoming new lower tier alliance

what’s ur ign? we have space in stufs but gotta see if ur top heroes can hit in war.

Sorry. I’m just seeing the replies! All the emails got sent to my spam. Its fox9591. Message me if you have an opening.

Hi. You can join our alliance. Coyotes Argentina. You can look up my username R4ven11 and I can get you in