Adjustments in War start time

Well this topic is for all the ASIAN playere suffering all over the globe . The war start time doesn’t suits us , it starts at 12:30AM IST and more late night in some other countries while its 12:00PM PST which is best time for AW . If there is a shift in start of AW time for about 6-7 hours it will be great for Asian players as it will be around 7:30AM IST and for American people too as their office hours are 9AM to 5PM so after making 6-7 hours delay it will be around 7:00PM PST . It not only provide a great relief for Asian players but also create more interest in AW for Asian players especially. Hope my words will find a suitable corner and DEVS will take this in account.


Good point brother and im also Asian player and im from india its 12.30am means midnight here how i suppose to come on time everyday at war to help my alliance and my friend is from Philippines 3am there war reset time just want say

developers thanks for considering only western countries

Seeing as the Company is based in the west (Canada) it kinda makes sense for them to base events around times when they’re at work don’t you think?

  1. There is at least one thread on this topic that is still open.

  2. No matter what time War starts it will be good for some and not good for others. It doesn’t matter. Even for people that live in a time zone that currently you would think has an advantage there are people that work shift work, evenings, nights, etc. who’s lives are not lived during the 9 to 5 working world.


Considering not only Asians but players all over the world Devs could keep the start time different for all 3 wars of the season. Each time war would start at a different time - 6 hours ahead from when the previous war started. This will help players around the globe.

I understand your thought process and the intent. I get it. But this has already been discussed also…Alliance Wars is not the only event in the game. Just about every event, if not all, in this game starts and / or ends dependent on when other events start and / or end. One of the most clear examples is the start of a Bounty being exactly when a War ends and Vise Versa. Rotate the war times and you will have to look into rotating everything else…it’s just not advantageous for anyone. And also, and again, you can move war times all over the place and no matter what time you pick there is someone in that area of the world that sleeps days and works nights…sleeps till noon and works evenings…….or any number of things that doesn’t fit into a regular daytime life where the new start time will work or not work. It just doesn’t matter. Pick a time…….any time………and I guarantee it’s a time that is good for some and not good for others in the exact same time zone.

They had to have considered everyone, and I imagine most players are from the USA. Like Darrel said, you can’t please everyone. Even if they change when War starts, they’d have to change when other events start.

The events are based on UTC or also known as GMT so in actual fact if you’re in the UK you have the perfect time for events as they start when the devs intended them to. War time won’t change as it will benefit some but detriment others just like it has you. It’s based on UTC and that likely won’t change going forwards as we have seen what happens when clocks get messed with when people didn’t receive their free daily login tokens.


Unlike other events , War is based on the activity of Alliance in the 1st few hours . For Asians players it is a disadvantage and there is lag at the start as well . Other events if they start and end at same time it won’t be a problem . A rotating start time to war will bring a new challenge to all Alliances , think of it as they would have to perhaps recruit players from all over the world.

Coming from lot of other games to HH , I can say this sort of thing happens regularly in other games. Also I will proudly like to add that I have woken up at 5 Am in the morning just to gain this particular advantage in other games . But when this becomes repetitive in HH like every other week , then there is no fun in that. A rotating time start would be great , a fair ground for all , and I like all the other players in the world would have to make sacrifices just to get ahead in the game

@Darrell_Goodrich other events can stay intact. Only war timings needs to be changed in other words rotated every war to benefit all. I feel everyone would agree with that.

Just check out the every asian players comment here and game is not for only usa players
If yes they have officially announce so everyone should know about it

Totally disadvantage for eastern countries for war.war is the the only event where time is the most important (for first day secter capture, after reset for defending and attacking, bonus managing, giving help to map allies, swapping secters, after reset strategies etc.)

I dunno about that, we face K1llD a lot, Korea based. They come on about 6-7hrs after reset and smash it out.

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Yup, its best for europeans

The alliance i’m in already has players from all over the world and they all come on for the start of war. So I really don’t care if war start times are changed / rotated / or whatever. I’m merely pointing out that your basic logic is flawed because in every part of the world there are players who work days, evenings, and nights. No matter what time war starts it’s convenient and inconvenient for someone everywhere. At least with a consistent time start people can get into a routine and plan for it.

I would also argue that if your people aren’t showing up for war start now that it’s not going to change anything if the time is changed. sounds more like you have a staffing problem.

And as far as being able to communicate with other alliances for truces, bonus hero management…how does that improve with a time change? The same people won’t be online when the Asian market is with or without a war start time change.

The basic problem I think is not when events start but diversifying your alliance to have people from all over the planet so that at any given time of the day you have members online.

Yep for Americans war starting at noon, lunch, or middle of day is horrible timing. 7-8pm would be ideal. Having pvp events ending and starting at same time as war is not well planned either.

GMT or UTC is just a spot picked to base time off of. That has absolutely nothing to do with what time war starts. It just tells people around the world to be in sync.

This topic isn’t going anywhere. Devs will not change the War starting time or any event starting time. Let’s just accept it and move along.

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