War timing

Hello, @Deca_Willow
I appreciate Deca, they r doing great job on recent updates. Can you guys do something about timing of start and reset of war ( if possible reset of events). Actually lots of player belongs to Indian subcontinent and here reset time is 12:30 am. Any good alliance needs us to present there at that time but it’s really tough work every time. 1 hour before will be great if possible. thanks

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Hello Aakash!

First of all, thank you for asking! Reset is at a set point of time in UTC, so based on the timezone it is different for everyone. I understand it might not be comfortable for certain time zones, but even if it’s moved, it will always be uncomfortable for one time zone or another.


Can’t it possible that HH gives players a choice while making an account ( can change it once per season ) a option to choose time zone he prefers ( don’t need to change everything for a group of people, just give a player a choice )

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