Alliance chat announcement

There used to be message saying XXX joined/left the alliance in the alliance chat, which was an easy/great way to welcome new member.

Where has that feature gone ? Is it possible to bring it back ?


Indeed, we have the same problem

And at the same time make the alliance message more obvious or allow for alliance mails by the commander.

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Now that you mention it, I am missing the announcment for a change in the massage of the day too :thinking:

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I’ve noticed this as well, and it makes it harder for the commander or X.O. to keep track of new members and who’s been kicked or left the alliance. As a recent example, I’m the X.O. for my alliance and the commander pretty much has me handle all the alliance related decisions such as kicking…ect. the other day we had a high level long time member leave that no one was aware of or knew what happened and it just caused mass confusion amongst my officers and I as well as the commander. Because no one knew what happened. Any input would be greatly appreciated @Howitzer and @Muninn . Thanks!

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Not looking to argue with you @Muninn but this kind of post is why I dislike that you close so many threads with the “make a ticket” post.
(A) posting allows other users to corroborate that they have the same issue. That can’t happen if the thread is closed.
(B) sometimes an issue feels too minor to justify opening a support ticket. The result is smaller bugs that everyone experiences remain (eg, the red pip is still visible in patrols when a new roll occurs and you need to back out and go back in to have it disappear). Super minor but still annoying.
© sometimes users can help one another rather than needing support, leaving them to tackle larger issues.
(D) the in-game ticket system is not terribly good
(E) and finally, saying “open a ticket” comes across as dismissive.
Often times, the user is not posting out of their own self-interest, they are trying to help by bringing a bug to light. Being told “you did it wrong, do it again a slightly different way” can be softened by a “thanks for letting us know” and a “please resend via in-game support”


We also don’t get anymore of the “Player [name] has pulled a Prophet from a Hero Crate!” announcements.

Bring those back! We wanna celebrate the good pulls like (Prophet, Odachi and Heimlock) and laugh at the stunned silence and palpable disappointment for the bad pulls (like Francoise and Phoenix)!


Yeah, after the Halloween bounty event we noticed 2 people down. But it took us a few days to remember who it was because we saw no message. Makes it better imo to keep track of things.

+1 with you against thread closing too fast

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Honestly, in a lot of cases, issues like these require somebody to access your account details to get detailed logs and determine the issue’s source. We can only do that if you send in a ticket. It’s not meant to be dismissive. Once you have a problem, there’s literally nothing that can be done about it in public. We’re not comfortable asking you to share personal account access details on a public forum, so we ask for a ticket to be opened. At that point, there’s no need for further replies. People searching the forum who have that issue will see your topic, say “hey, I’m seeing that too, what was said here?” and follow your lead. Leaving an open echo chamber for people to “me too” post doesn’t raise the quality of forum communication.

tl;dr: if you have an account or technical issue, getting others to say “I see this too” won’t solve the issue. Contacting support will.


I can understand and appreciate what your saying however this seems to be an alliance wide issue with us as well as many others.


I would indeed say this is a general issue as I’ve saw a several comments on this and no one saying it was working for them.

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Thanks for the response
I agree that individual account or technical issues may not be well suited for a public forum, however, this overlooks the points I was trying to make. Specifically, that it is often not clear to an end user whether an issue is isolated to them or widespread.
Looking at this case:
A user might create a support ticket to deal with the issue that certain alliance events are not appearing in their chat anymore. This is a poor outcome because (a) it’s misdiagnosing the problem as an account/technical issue when, and (b) importantly, a player is unlikely to actually file a support ticket for this.
Multiple people in this thread have stated they have also experienced this issue, how many of them had preciously filed support tickets for the issue? Odds are few, if any, because of the issues stated in my original post–It’s cumbersome, it’s a poor UX, it seems like a minor issue to open a ticket about, etc etc.

tl;dr It seems you took my “it seems dismissive” comment poorly; it was not intended to offend, my apologies if it did. But, please don’t respond to it by being more dismissive. Shrug


It is always preferrable to report issues through our in-game support.

We can triage, categorize and prioritize issues based on volume and follow up with specific affected accounts to verify our fixes. The more insights and specific account information we can collect that faster we can investigate potential problems.

If other members of your alliance or your friends are encountering issues as well, please encourage them to send us reports. It is always better to submit a ticket.

well, i tried 4 times to send tickets(not about this particular issue)… all i get is a platitude and you close the conversation. so we can’t really provide more info and or voice additionnal concerns.

i lost faith in tickets


Exactly what rag said. I too lost faith in tickets due to poor response times, empty responses, and quick unilateral closing of issues. See also, the post made in the past day or two citing the same negative experience with in-game support.

I have to say that I find the support helpful most of times and I don’t want people to just read this thread and think “support sucks no need to send in a ticket”. While they sometimes don’t know how to fix things right away but for minor issues getting a “we’ll look in to it” enough for me. I have played this game over 560 days and never had a game braking issue that haven’t been handled by support.

Going to the forum will probably not get you anything other than “we’ll look in to it” so why not just send in a support ticket where they can get even more info about your account etc and hopefully solve the issue faster

I was pleasantly surprised this time with the support ticket I submitted. They had this alliance chat notification issue fixed for us within 2 or 3 days of me submitting it. Thanks! @Howitzer @Muninn @Omnipotent :wink:


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Aight, i admit, i may have ahd bad experiences and should give it one more shot.

We’ll see how it goes.