Alliance chat updates

Hey developers, I know you’re making some changes to the alliance in the new update. I was wonder what happened to some features. When I first started playing around May 2018 in the alliance chat it used to tell you when new members join the alliance or when someone unlocks 5 or 7 star character. I think it’s good to at least let the alliance know when someone new joins so they’re not a ghost. Hopefully you consider adding this back.


It’s really hard to keep track of who’s leaving, too. Some just leave without saying a word, and I try my best to get feedback from em so that my alliance and I can improve as a whole. It’d be nice if it showed all that above, plus who left. Also, for some reason, I gotta close and open the game again when somebody applies to see the username and message, but the red pip is always on, even after checking chats, which always indicates that someone is trying to join.


Exacte, quand quelqu’un postule, obliger de redémarrer le jeu pour la demande, on ne voit plus qui débloque des personnages dans les caisses, qui quitte, qui est viré…

Ça serait bien que ça fonctionne de nouveau