Alliance name change

This has been asked a few times, but it is never discussed.

Just the option to change the name of the alliance. For a price that is. Devs can decide how much, like using gold. To make if fair, only the Alliance Leader or the Alliance XO will have the access to this option to prevent trolls from changing it to some stupid name or something. And to make it more fair, you can only change your alliance name say like every 6 months.

Just my 2 cents. I know there are alliances out there that would love a name change and not have to go through the process of making a new alliance cause the one they have needs a change.

Discuss amongst us


I actually contacted CS about this just 2 days ago asking if they could change the alliance name - but they couldn’t. Once it’s named, it can not be changed.

This is a genuine question, I think it’s an SQL database, so it might be possible to change it

Why not just create a new alliance and merge everyone over to it? Unlike a player account, the alliance’s value only exists as a result of the players inside it so you don’t lose anything at all by moving to a new one. (Assuming all 25 members have enough coordination to do so)

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