Alliance search is useless

Been a long-running issue since I started the game. Searching by alliance acronym or the full name usually gets me random matches even if I typed the full alliance name or acronym.

Also they could do well to actually give alliance recommendations that are in you power range for better fit. The default listings even when I first started out were full of junk alliances that almost nobody would ever join with only the occasional 5 millionish alliance after you refresh a dozen times to frustrate the heck out of you. I wind up having to search event leaderboards for stronger alliances or see my friends’ alliances which defeats the whole purpose of the alliance search feature.


Yeah I have to scroll to the middle or the end of the list to find results that actually make sense. Also, when I search, it won’t actually work the first time and it just gives me random names, so I have to type it in AGAIN.

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They should just clean house. Any account that hasn’t been active for a year they should just lock it up and make it invisible to us. Same with alliances, maybe give a full alliance inactivity like 6 months with no activity at all. 0 points in alliance events consecutively should flag them, then after X amount of time they disband the alliance

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I always find it’s quicker to search for someone who you know is in an alliance you’re looking for. The name search feature is significantly more powerful then the alliance search feature.


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