Alliance victory blitz not very blitz

The current alliance victory blitz has the slowest progress I’ve seen for any event so far. Is this intentional or did a trainee ad too many zeros?


I vote for the trainee XD lol they might’ve raised the difficulty if people said they tough it was to easy in the past

seems a decimal has to be in the wrong place…no reason for unattainable goals. 20k points to even rank, and not a single alliance has ranked yet…something is wrong with the event.

There are still two and a half days left to rank. Many will get into ranking.

But 220k for top goal are just insane, you are right with that.

I could be misremembering but didn’t the previous alliance victory blitz events award 1 point per win regardless of the game mode? If so, the switch to “X points for a victory in this, Y points for a victory in that” might be related–i.e. devs overestimated how much of an impact that change would have.

We are an average alliance, in general around 300 in events but probably not going to rank in this one.

Would be nice to get an official response here.

Some maths.

In 3 days, each player gets 3 raids resets. For a total of 12 raids (16, if they were smart to save the raids of the previous day for the event).

A guild has 25 members, so, the alliance will have, in the best scenario, 16x25 =400 raids (not counting members that get invited by people outside the alliance)

One raid gives 15 points, but since it can be done by two guild members, let’s say 30.

30x400 =12.000

The highest scoring goal doest allow you to reach even a 6% of the final milestone. I’m with OP here and the extra zero theory

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IOS user here… The long awaited update fixed this for us and I had 6 claims waiting after updating.

They fixed it yesterday.

Had suddenly 4 claims waiting for me

I just want to say ‘thanks’ here to try to give credit where credit is due (seeing an error and fixing it speedily)

220k is easily possible.

Points x amount of trades x members x amount of refills

So we just need to do 100 gorgon refills each and we easily get it, I don’t see the problem :thinking:

Edit, don’t use a *

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