Complaint/Suggestion about Event "Rules"

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, but was just too lazy/busy playing my favorite game (Hero Hunters, of course!)

In the past we’ve had some very ambiguous “rules” that required experimentation to confirm. For example:

Win a level 55+ Co-op Raid using ABC: 50 points
Win a level 55+ Co-op Raid using DEF: 30 points

The way this is worded to me sounds like it’s one OR the other, either you get 50 points for ABC, or 30 points for DEF. Not 80 points if you use both. Many people in my alliance thought the same so we ended losing a lot of potential points in the beginning until someone finally mentioned that you got more points for using both. I can see how it could be interpreted either way, but at best, this is NOT CLEAR at all.

But, since we eventually got the hang of your “Rules” I ended up just letting it go. Until now. Sorry to say, you guys set the ambiguity bar to a whole new level with the upcoming Solo Raids Blitz rules:

Win the Into The Dojo Level 35+ Co-op Raid using Odachi 15 points
Win the Into The Dojo Level 45+ Co-op Raid using Odachi 25 points
Win the Into The Dojo Level 55+ Co-op Raid using Odachi 50 points

Win the Into The Dojo Level 35+ Co-op Raid with at least one Bio-chem Hero on your team 5 points
Win the Into The Dojo Level 45+ Co-op Raid with at least one Bio-chem Hero on your team 15 points
Win the Into The Dojo Level 55+ Co-op Raid with at least one Bio-chem Hero on your team 30 points

What the HECK???

Does this mean we get 80 points if we use Odachi to win level 55 Dojo with no other biochem heroes?? No one in my alliance has any freaking clue. What if we use additional biochem heroes, say Odachi and Heimlock? Do we get 110 points? 80 points? Just 50 points?

Logic and English grammar dictate that we would only get a maximum additional bonus of 30 points for any bio-chem heroes on our team (in a 55 Dojo win) NOT counting Odachi.

Why wouldn’t Odachi count? Because it states plainly that we get 50 points for using Odachi and winning 55 Dojo. If Odachi counted, then we would get 80 points for him, which doesn’t match with your rules. Also, if we got 30 additional points for each bio-chem hero on our team (in 55 Dojo) then it should be written “FOR EACH Bio-chem hero on your team.” NOT “with at least one Bio-chem hero on your team.”

Part of me thinks that maybe you guys intended for 50 points to be the maximum score and people who don’t have Odachi can get a maximum 30 points if they use any other bio-chem hero, given how egregious the logic and grammar problems would be if reality is otherwise.

Then again, based on how your past rules worked, which were additive, I don’t know. You know what would clear all this up and prevent misunderstandings from occurring in the future no matter how poorly and ambiguously your rules are written? Including examples in your rules. For example (see what I did there?):


Win the Into The Dojo Level 55+ Co-op Raid with Odachi and one other bio-chem hero in your group: 110 points

Win the Into The Dojo Level 55+ Co-op Raid with Odachi and two other bio-chem heroes in your group: 140 points

Win the Into The Dojo Level 55+ Co-op Raid with 3 bio-chem heroes but no Odachi: 90 points

Whatever you end up doing, for the love of god please make an effort to make your rules more clear.

Thank you.

I love everything else you are doing with the game but the rules bring out the rage gamer in me.


Rules for events are often wrong too. You get more points than what should be possible during some events too.

Using Odachi (a bio hero), would check BOTH conditions, so you would get 80 points from using him in a lv 55 Dojo.

The rules also say “at least one”, so, using 1 bio, or 3 bios will complete that condition only ONCE, so you should get the same points using 1 or 3 bios.

The way I see it, you get points for using at least one bio hero, extra points if you use Odachi.

But, this has also been a topic in my guild, and we can’t know until the event starts and we actually try it. According to some people in my alliance, each bio hero will give extra 30 points, but who knows

I just did 2 level 55 Dojos with Odachi and Heimlock and got 220 points. So 110 points for each win. So it seems you get 80 points for using Odachi (50 plus 30 since he’s biochem) then 30 for each additional bio-chem. I assume if all 3 of my heroes were bio-chem (including Odachi) then I would have gotten 140 points for each win.

So this just reinforces how confusing the rules are.

I read it as odachi counts as a bio hero but is also a featured hero, so you get a higher reward for using him over anyone else. Would kinda be like if they did an elemental brawl where a certain hero got extra points for winning. They hit the requirements but also get extra because they are a spotlight hero. I think we have had another event similar to this one before with the same rule set up.

That Odachi is the featured hero is, I daresay, the only part of the rules that are clear. Whether he is counted once (as feature hero with 50 points) or twice (as featured hero PLUS as a regular bio-chem hero) is unclear, as is whether or not multiple bio-chem heroes would be counted.

But this thread isn’t about what the rules for this event are or are not. It’s not even just about this event as rules for other events have been unclear as well. It just so happens that, in my opinion, the rules for this event are the most confusing.

I agree with you Skoram because as an alliance leader I want my members to meet their maximum potential in the game in and out of events. This reason is why it is an annoyance sometimes when we have to ask each other, “Does this hero count twice because he’s a certain element or not” and this doesn’t just coexist with the current event. This event has happened multiple times because I’m usually unsure and have to keep track of it myself, so more details provided in the event rules would be a nice heads up.

@Skoram Thank you for posting this. Agreed, the rules need to be more explicit. No further explanation… Implicitness is difficult to comprehend. Please be as explicit as possible and explain in full detail. @devs

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Agreed. Since most events are additive in the ways that points are distributed, why not just display the number of total points earned instead ofbeach additive tier; for example:

Pvp match at 1k: 10pts
Pvp match at 5k: 20pts
Pvp match at 10k: 30 pts
Pvp match at 15k: 40 pts
Pvp match at 20k: 50 pts

Should read as:

Pvp at 1k: 10pts
Pvp at 5k: 30pts
Pvp at 10k: 60 pts
Pvp at 15k: 100 pts
Pvp at 20k: 150pts


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