Alliance wars feedback

Alliance wars was fun, very strategic. Are you all considering adding more attack points? Perhaps have them regenerate each hour like in bounty? Thanks, and it was enjoyable, even though we didnt do too well lol.

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I wold personally hate to see another game mode that requires me to log in frequently. We already have bounty, which is too time consuming.

I think attack points are good the way they are and this is just my opinion, nothing against anyone.


I loved war. Much more interesting than bounty. I’d make war more interactive so more points but do it instead of a bounty weekend.

My personal thoughts so far:

I think making the KLG merc sectors easy to conquer is a good idea. I want my alliance opponents to be the real challenge, with multiple fronts to worry about. The mercs should be the least of my worries, regardless of my alliance level.

It doesn’t need to be by much, but I agree that the attack points could be reset more often. It would keep alliances fast paced and moving quickly (this could also be done as a special “blitz invader” mode: fast paced and dynamic. Simplicity, however, is the goal.)

Also, the fact that I can’t see the whole map at once is a bit annoying. Sometimes a player wants to see what the general direction their alliances is going for, or what enemy should be driven back first. Seeing the whole picture would help with strategic movements, because seeing the whole picture helps.

As people start getting used to Alliance Wars, one thing that will become an issue is repetition; having the same wars over and over. To prevent this, there could be a ‘change’ every season (or every other season):

  1. New sector grid layouts, ones that are not necessarily symmetrical. Some grids could be more “splotchy”, with certain HQs being closer to each other, with more valuable sectors interspersed as a balance. The main point is having variety to force changes in strategy and tactics (This could apply to a 4alliance map or 2alliance map layout possibly.). Keyword is variety.

  2. A slightly different background with added color/detail could add some uniqueness. At the same time, it would be simple/dim enough to allow players to see the sector grids details, and what color they are. (Could be variably themed based on seasons, climates, “biomes”, etc.).

  3. Have a randomly picked (yet somewhat central) “MERC BOSS HQ” sector that provides big rewards, yet being very hard to beat. The random locations would encourage alliances to vie for it, while still being unpredictable to predict where it will spawn. It could be an permanent bonus sector, or it could randomly appear on the map for a couple days at a time (as if Kurtz captured that random sector and made it one of his temporary HQs).
    In other words, random bonus sectors that encourage alliances to vie for a single tile.

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I still think cutting someone’s supply lines should mean more than reducing where they can attack from. When you cut someone supply line maybe make it so they don’t receive hourly points. Can’t add defenders or remove them. As of now if you cut supply lines to a 2* and they have heavy defenders there, why worry about it? The point still roll in.


I was thinking the same thing, it prevents overextention, and makes the link to your HQ vital.


Definitely agree that the NPC controlled sectors should be mostly easy especially around each base. This would help all Alliance members contribute, at least at the start! Most of my alliance members were too weak to take any sectors in the latest war, and leaving a sector ‘undefended’ was often a stronger defence than assigning heroes, since the NPC mercs were so powerful.

Despite only really two of us taking sectors we won the last war by a crazy margin and never even saw the other alliances - I’m assuming they had too much trouble with the NPC sectors.

Had some ideas of my own (from the perspective of the leader of a fairly casual International Alliance, with members from level 25+, but most in the low end of that range):

Vary the level of NPCs in zones
Like above, this is just so that more members of the Alliance can contribute. Had two ideas for this:
-Weak NPCs around each base, getting tougher the further you go toward the centre of the map. Would let higher level alliance members move toward the tougher areas while leaving lower level alliance members to capture all the ‘homegrounds’ around the HQ.
-Tough NPCs, or even named (hero) NPCs, on the ‘starred’ sectors & other important sectors. To give higher level alliance members a challenge.

The idea is this gives more of a challenge to the higher level alliance members and a tradeoff between taking one strong sector or multiple normal sectors. Same reasoning as taking on a tough Bounty with multiple attempts, vs clearing up lots of small bounties that you can bring down in a single attempt.

As an international alliance, with everyone having different languages, it’s really the interface and automated messages that get things across. So there’s a few things that would help:

-The attack/defend markers being bigger and more obvious!
The markers themselves are quite small, and since you can’t see the whole map at once people have to actually know to pan around to look for them. Having them big, almost the size of the zone itself, would be good.

-Having shortcuts to currently active sectors.
The HUD could show current active attack/defend markers, and tapping them will then auto-centre the map on that sector. This could also apply to sectors that are under attack, recently taken (shielded), or other sectors of note.
Nesting the info would keep it clean, ie. tap the “under attack” icon and the interface then shows a list of all sectors under attack, tap one of those sectors on the list and the map zooms to it.

-Hard to distinguish the map
I’m 99% sure this is just cos it’s still Beta, but the map itself is very hard to see against the background! Especially for uncaptured sectors as it’s grey on a slightly different shade of grey. Could make the borders brighter or change the background map colour, anything like that.

-Finding numbered districts is tougher than it needs to be!
A minor one, but when the report is “sector 77 is under attack” you have to scan the whole map (or count through sectors) to figure out where it is. Can we get a clearer naming scheme?
It’d be nice if the map was broken up into ~6 named districts to narrow the search - eg. roughly one district per HQ, plus a central district. So, sector 77 might instead be sector “Northwest 5”, or Docklands 5 or whatever.

-Hide the log / war history please!
I’m unsure if this is because it’s beta, because I’m alliance commander, or what, but the default interface when you first enter the mode has a lot of information and most of it you don’t need. It’s a log of everything that’s happened, which is great when you want to catch up, but probably overwhelming especially to people trying to learn the mode.
Could it please be put behind a “Battle Log” or “more information” button or something like that? I’d really, really like the space to have a much less verbose summary of just the important current events like I mentioned above - with map zoom to the sectors mentioned.

And now more suggestions for extra stuff, rather than feedback.

-Add ongoing smaller rewards during the war
Nothing major, just something like the Bonus Rewards when doing patrols. Two ways I can think to do this:
a) Add a ‘supply cache’ to a few random zones on the map at the start of the war, whoever captures those zones gains a small reward for their alliance.
This would help draw people into the mode especially when they get the “so and so claimed claimed a supply cache!” notification in their inbox. But also lets people achieve something even if they’ve no hope of winning the actual war.
b) Each day add a few ‘air drops’ to random zones on the map. Whoever controls the sector it appears on gains the reward for their alliance. If nobody controls it, then it turns into a supply cache as above, waiting for someone to claim it.

-Add special sectors to the map
Sectors that, while held by your alliance, confer some sort of passive bonus. Posibly only while they have assigned defenders. This could replace the generic starred sectors, or just be in addition to those. Or even combine it, make the each/any of the starred sectors into a special sector with a certain star rating. Some ideas of the top of my head:
a) Watchtower, this sector has +1 sight range while controlled.
b) Radio tower, grants +1 battlepoints to every alliance member while held.
c) Bunker, grants +10% team power to each defence team on this sector.
d) Research centre, has more points per hour for every defender assigned to it.

The idea is it would add some strategy and interest to the different sectors on the map. The star rating of a sector could affect the bonus. eg. a 2-star watchtower would have +2 sight range while held, a 2-star bunker would grant 20% bonus to its defenders.

Some probably too powerful ones that if added would only really be as a goal for at the centre of the map I guess. But sharing the ideas anyway:
e) Helios Airfield, it allows your alliance members to attack any sector rather than just adjacent ones.
f) Mech Hangar, allows your alliance’s officers to use the super strong Gorgon hero to attack sectors (though it gets exhausted when used, like other heros).

Not getting knocked out

-Add additional powers to the HQ, to help people on their home turf!
So alliances hopefully never find they’re completely prevented from doing anything, some sort of advantage in sectors near to your HQ would be nice. Some ideas I had that may or may not be viable/balanced:
a) Artillery! Any officer can spend, say, 6 battlepoints to fire the artillery at any one zone in range (not sector, though that’s a balance thing and sector may be better). This exhaustd the gun till the next day - or if that’s not enough for it to be useful, could give it 3 shots (or refresh with gold like other heroes). It does so much damage it just straight-up removes the defenders from the zone you fire it at. Limit its range to say, within 2 zones of your HQ and it shouldn’t get much use except when your HQ is surrounded - at which point it will really help out.
b) Give a very straightforward big buff of +20% team power to attack any zone adjacent to your HQ. Can give this to defenders too to make it even tougher to surround an HQ in the first place.
c) If using the district idea above, an alliance could just have a “home turf advantage” in that they get a slight attack/defence buff for all sectors in their starting district.

This turned out way longer than I thought, sorry for the wall of text. Hope some of it is useful feedback, at least! The mode is a lot of fun, really hope to get more of my alliance into it!


Thanks for the feedback, guys! We’ll have some more news to share soon in regards to what we have planned. Keep your eyes peeled.

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I would like to have 12 hour resets instead of 24 hour. Wouldn’t add too much work to be involved but make it slightly faster paced. Other than that I love the way it plays

I like how resets are for battle points atm.
I honestly don’t want to spend more time on AW than I have to.

I’d like to see the length of the war shortened to possibly 4 or 5 days.
6 days is a long time and if the beta rewards are anything to go by, 6 days is way too long.

Also, can we run AW when bounties isn’t running too? I love bounties. I personally don’t even want to look at AW while bounties is running.
If the length of each war is shortened this could easily be accomplished.

Reading a past thread but is now locked.
Terms of team power and match making.
When match making, would it be possible to match teams where each team has similar top teams?
Example, a team with 2 top teams over 100k should be matched with other teams with similar powered teams so each team has a chance to defeat those teams.
It’s no good matching teams where one team has max of 80k+ top teams while the other team may be sandbagging it up with top teams over 100k even though their overall alliance team power are similar, it really won’t be a fair match.

Also, having allies is what I thought made each war interesting.

Didn’t have allies on the first beta war.
Then seen a suggestion in another thread to try make an ally or two.
I personally enjoyed communicating to different teams that I would not even of thought to communicate with before.

I also like the a suggestion from another in here about a type of king of the hill type manual pvp mode for a 3* sector.
Smack bang right in the middle of those 6 2* sectors in the centre of the map.

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AW Big problem are jumping windows/ baners on top right, then wars begins you can’t attack, need turn them off. And after a second screen full again. It would be great not show them enymore. My opinion