Alliance War strategy/tactic ideas

I’ve been playing AW for a while, and overall think it’s a fun, yet easy to understand game-mode. There’s been debate as to whether teaming is acceptable (alliance alliances (allianception)), so perhaps these ideas can apply to them.

  1. What if every hero owned is already on the map, starting in your HQ? Players still only have 20 battle points to attack with, but each hero can either (1 remain undeployed in your HQ, or (2 be sent to defend a sector. In other words, every hero is already on the map.

For the other points I’ll use a simple example:

Here, there are 6 alliances total here, 2 have been defeated, which leads to my first idea:

  1. What if HQ sectors could be defeated? It would be incredibly hard, requiring a combined effort by many members. This means that weaker alliances have a realistic chance of survival. However, the reward would be all that alliance’s territory and a HQ conquest bonus. The defeated opponent would retain their acquired points, but not gain any more.

Blue makes a (weird) push for yellow’s HQ, and goes deep into yellow territory, while splitting green’s territory in two.

  1. What if alliances couldn’t add defenses to sectors that don’t have a direct connection to HQ (as the case is for green). At the same time, any defending heroes trapped couldn’t be re-positioned for defense elsewhere. The only way to move heroes in or out of isolated sectors would be by reestablishing a link between HQ and itself.
    If an isolated sector is defeated, then defending heroes return to HQ.
    With conquerable HQs, some alliances might pierce through enemy territory to get to the enemy HQ. However, this risks being cut off from your own HQ, loosing the offensive punch. This is what happens to blue here:

In a nutshell, an offensive push can be crippled if it’s overextended, giving weaker alliances a chance to do some damage against opponents. In this example, red is safe because they’ve kept a tight territory that is well-protected.

As for alliance teaming, I believe it is one strategy that any group can use. Make friendships, forge truces, exploit an ally’s weakness and gain the upper hand :smiling_imp:. There’s definitely risk involved with teaming with an alliance that can backstab you at any point. No one option guarantees you’ll end up on top.

I might have this a bit wrong, so hopefully that all made sense. Thanks!


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