Already Heroes is recruiting

Already Heroes is recruiting for two hardcore players in bounty, we are top 25 in bounty right now. Rank 12 at the moment. Requests to join now or message SmilesDani directly with more information.

Awesome to put a tag to face. I was with your clan during last bounty, but had to leave ililkechoochoo. You guys did awesome congratulations.

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Thank you, u was awesome as well. Good luck to your team of course :blush:

Realize my lvl creates an imbalance for my aliance so decided to start a second one to be competitive.

Min requirement to join 200k power lvl 60; 500mil bounty 30k on patrol and of course participate in all aliance events to stay.

Just started it so im only one for now given i don’t have anyone in the 1st aliance who can meet reqirements yet. Do you have any advice on the requirements etc? Will start recruitment soon though i know need have reqirements in place. Any advice would be awesome.

It’s all up to u because my requirements are simple, participate in bounty. And other event is not important, for alliance events just try your best. After a week I kick, that’s mines. So it all depends on what kind of team u want to create