Alvarez Tokens Disintgrating

As the title says, just recieved the Alvarez tokens from the Extra life event and they disintegrated upon recieving. Anyone else having this issue?


We’re aware and fixing the problem! Thanks.


Ya mine did to ! The hero crate and gilded crate tokens worked tho

Thanks Skathi <3
We appreciate the bonus!

Please make sure to do a full reboot of the game to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We will be sending out another 5 tokens for people who missed it the first time.

Thank you! It is much appreciated

Mine disappeared as well then the crate reappeared

Ditto. Same with me.

Must be pretty obnoxious trying to figure out who’s tokens worked and who’s didn’t eh?

Mine disappeared as well…

We got the reimbursement but soon as we got them, they disappeared again


Just received tokens again and yeah they disintegrated again


@Skathi Happened again, got the replacement 5, restarted the game twice before accepting, then they immediately disintegrated

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Boa noite!!! As minhas fichas desapareceu tambem.

How or where do we use them…

They disintegrated on me again guys

Mine disintegrated too

Replacement tokens converted…

Again haha the heck?