Everyone get 6 mk2 tokens nd i get only 3 in my inbox. Why this happened with me. I want 3 more tokens

@Skathi plz check

I got 3 tokens too. Maybe it’s for people who missed more? I’m not sure. Anyway. Best place to report this is in support and not pining a dev on the forums. Be sure to have screenshots that help them identify your issue

I got 3. A guy in my alliance got 9. Who knows, but I got what was taken so I’m happy

Token amounts varied for each person, as some were very different than others (which is why this took a little longer to get out). The amount of tokens you received is correct, and we won’t be sending out more at this time.


I got 3 tokens because 3 of them disintegrated prematurely. The rest I already spent. If people are getting more than others it’s because they lost more saved up tokens which they didn’t use

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