An arm? A mega cannon? A claw?

What new hero could be joining the hunt?


It’s Superman! Is that how it goes?

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A Bird? A Plane? Superman!?

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Claw-arm-cannon looks pretty sweet. I’m guessing mech class :wink:


hmmmm…you called?

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Please not another mech hero. Why not a bio one? It is really annoying when you have a lot of decent heroes and 50k power and not to have a single bio healer or more than 5 bio of a total of 24. We understand that you want people to spend real money (I have) but if the developers really want to increase the amount of players in this game you need to be nice to the non whales too.

Whuddabout Heimlock…he’s a Bio-chem-class character who has nothing but healing!

I’m relatively new to this game (goin’ on 3 weeks) and was wondering: how often characters get introduced to this game?! It seems pretty regularly (like every month, maybe?).

Thats seems like an energy hero loading energy cannon :face_with_monocle: yeah i think it’s energy :wink:

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Looks like we got a new metal gear heavy hero :wink: