Mech Heros havent seen high power hero since 4-cep

Recently we are getting new biochem and energy heros with high power like Serial and Harbringer, paraiah Lancer for biochem then kreiger kyoshi shillouette and Mk2 for energy. But we havent seen high power for mech except jackal and dread.
My mech heros was the strongest since the beginning of the game till last few month biochem and energy new heros with higher power took over.
Im not disappointed but im really looking forward for new mech hero that matches 4-cep high power.
Wishing wonderful week for this amazing community that bring us together from all around the world.
I thank Hero Hunters Developers and everyone above for bringing this amazing game.


There’s still a few that have high, though not top 5 high

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I would like a barbarian savage with spears and a big hammer. Smashing with the hammer skill 2 times till you wait to get the spear skill to load. No weapon. Just roll around or try to hide. But when the spear loads up he kills castelan or cast instantly. Actually any hero. When he gets to ruby. That would be super amazing.

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I agree with you. All the mech heros are kinda pointless now, including 4cep. Energy heros run everything and are the best now. Biochem heros are great too but energy heros can be used and dominate basically every game type.

Hope they can balance it out more.


thanks to two new Halo-wannabes, PvP got really effed up.

Who are the Halo wannabes? Kyoshi and ?

If they can just bring back the original fire rate and skill effect of 4cep when he was introduced. He wouldve been a monster and a definite energy killer

4-cep went wrong when Hot Head made his Ruby “Supported” instead of “Doing Damage”. When he was introduced he was amazing then they did him dirty with a slower shot count nerf and the ridiculous Ruby status.

This was before DECA obviously. Hot Head really neutered what should be an amazing hero. I think his Ruby should absolutely be “Doing Damage”.

Yeah, if 4 Cep could have “doing damage” for his ruby skill, it will be awesome…
Please do the same for Dogface ruby skill too…

And btw,
the OP posted this topic on January 2021, tho…