An Update! On the Update!

Hello Hunters!

There are a couple things regarding the :jack_o_lantern:October Update & :sparkles:Subscriptions (Custom Crate) we’d like to inform all Hunters about:

  • :one: We can now confirm the October Update is now live on iOS! Thank you to everyone who waited! Head to the App Store and update Hero Hunters now!!

  • :two: We want to share a quick word on the Custom Crate feature. We are currently fixing a few problems we have encountered with this feature on iOS, so right now Hunters playing on iOS will not be able to access the Custom Crate. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. We want to make sure your experience is seamless when the Crate becomes available.

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So, I can’t find anywhere I can doing subscribe… is that normal!?

Hey @NickViper! If you’re playing on an iOS device, the Custom Crate Subscription isn’t available quite yet.

It’s great that the iOS issue is mostly rectified but I am disappointed that this long-awaited forum post is so sparse on details. I assume/hope a more comprehensive post is coming tomorrow that is less opaque but this update really (a) ought to have happened earlier, and (b) have included at least basic summation of the root issue.

This lack of availability during a debacle + lack of transparency after the debacle + introduction of an, arguably, predatory subscription model make for a troubling trend in community relations.

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It’s an Apple thing, details are gonna be sparse. If they decline an app version you can’t speak about why publicly.

I would vote for, in the best of worlds, that the custom crate gets taken down from Android until further notice as well - but I understand if that’s not doable. :slight_smile: