How about ANDROID?

When will the be something available for GP? :roll_eyes::call_me_hand:

It would be a lie to say we weren’t working on this. There are developers working on improving the performance as I write this!

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That would seriously improve the games activity. Improve pvp matches, alliances & basically everything else. About time it got picked up. Haha

Android is getting very close, we’ve been doing a lot of work to make sure the game performs comparably to iOS devices and that we aren’t sacrificing visual quality.

Any idea on when we can expect an android invasion?

I can’t give a date, unfortunately, getting a game to run smoothly on Android can be a tricky process.

We currently have a portion of the team dedicated to getting the game ready for its Google Play release. We don’t expect it to be much longer.

Ok, thank you for the info.
It will be cross platformed right?

So android vs iOS is a possibility?

Our goal is for Hero Hunters to have cross platform play. We want all our users to be playing together!

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