Any 100th hero prediction?

It’s not going to be from Teraventa seriously but :rofl:

it will be a female hero. that is my prediction

I bet is a blue dps, 7*, with war frags like kurtz and serial…and maybe from FF, terraventa

100th hero will have TENTACLES as a weapon. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :octopus:

Let’s give a chance to devs… Like, devs can give us a/some hint(s) which will be too complicated to crack but, will be the hint for #100

G o r g o n…

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Im pretty sure, the name of the 100th hero is…


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


I think it’s to have like Mewtwo or Cell (of Dragon Ball) abilities, something it can do all the elements or copy abilities.

or someone who forces the use of a skill of an enemy and twists it against him

There will be 2 Heroes for next month. Probably be a mech for the KLG Irregulars Faction (100th hero) then a Energy 7*

Its galante 2.0 with a combination on serial and ryker


Looks like they are following your advice

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Maybe it’s just a coincidence with my last comment about #100

But, still looks kool to get some not soo worthy & lame bragging rights :slight_smile: .

But,my brain liked it

This won’t help much… but my prediction is the 100th hero will be a Mercenary.

There is a trend with the Gorgon Crate’s featured hero’s faction being the faction for the new hero. This has been accurate for the last handful of characters. Beck was featured in the crate before Harbringer was announced. I believe it was Ryker before Dreadnaught, and Matador before Krieger.

Just saying… next hero will be a Mercenary faction character.


wow looks like some people here had inside information or just plain right prediction!

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