The 100th Hero

Assuming (yeah I know I shouldn’t assume!) the powers that be continue to provide new heroes, what would you guys like to see in the 100th Hero?
We’re getting close to that marker now, it would be nice to see a real special character even if it has to be a premium toon.

Me, I’d like to see a real powerhouse, a PVP/AW/Bounty destroyer than renders all previous Heroes as mere pretenders - a Chuck Norris, no Steven Seagals!

Maybe something totally unseen before like an element neutral toon, no weakness to exploit or the introduction of a new Faction.



I would like a true pvp hero who is beast in all - DPS, HEAL , SHIELD

And that hero is 1* for start, and can be achieved from regular co op… So every player including who just beginner in the game can get him/her…



I meaaaann the devs probably already know what the 100th hero will be for muninn has told us many times in vip they plan stuff months b4 it is implemented. But a new faction would be cool i think…at the moment we have 13 and that isn’t the greatest number…no wonder servers have been going down…

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What about a boss, like that you can call in a gorgon while battling in raids or smth

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I want Gorgon as 100th hero :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I already imagine the pvp in which it will cover any other character. Wonderful


Hmm, very nice idea. Maybe someone very explosive, kind of an :alien: alien​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. Someone that starts at 1* and his very hard to find the fragments, both for low leveled guys a d high levelled players.
The developers or heroes designers would have to think out of the box for this one.

Godlante of course. No, not Galante. That’s his evil twin. I mean G O D L A N T E lol

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Well before we get to hero #100, we need to get the other 9 heroes out first. But no doubt devs already have them laid out

I want to see @LordNikon and his big bushy beard as the 100th hero.

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I shaved it recently. its only like half an inch long now. Gave myself one of them isolation haircuts lol


I think the 100th hero needs to be that idea someone had for a megzord that was piloted by all the developers. Don’t remember who made it otherwise I’d mention you, it was a cool idea.

I’ve been thinking about a cool hero to come in as the 100th hero. Maybe call him Centurion. I mean you kinda have to, right? Anywho, he would be one who has the power of elemental trifecta. Maybe for extra fun he steals the gold/bronze skills of a targeted enemy and uses that skill against them.

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I’d like to see a unique hero that the community gets to help design. (kinda like the Hero Collaboration) Maybe we vote on a name, and vote on the backstory?

I know this probably isn’t possible, but I think it might me cool if it were. :slight_smile:

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Brogan… big bushy beard? Is brogan @LordNikon oooo theories


I think we should start getting solid gold versions of existing heroes. So then, eventually, we can have solid gold Galante.

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100th hero should be able to split her/himself in half (creating twins) Both halving HP & doing double damage.

I haven’t seen a hero who can split into 2 heroes yet…

So please make him/her the 100th hero lolz. :crazy_face:

A new faction would be cool, but I would love to see The Watch get some love…i think a couple more badass heros for them would be nice…

it would be cool if the 100th hero can switch elements. but obviously that would be too much of an advantage so it would be at random. Hero would start as grey, no elemental advantage, then when u use a the changing skill, u will have a 1/3 chance of getting the one u want. hehehehe it would be a gamble

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