Anyone else experiencing pvp issues?

So since yesterday, almost half of my pvp fights, when searching for an opponent, it finds the opponents then the loading circles pops up and screen just gets darker and darker and within 15 seconds, it says match has completed, results will be in your inbox, and takes me hack to the home screen. Sometimes it doesnt even get that far, i go in then it boots me out right before finding n opponent. everything else is working great, chat, wars, bounties, and everything idk what has changed in pvp for this to happen, just hope im not the only one, so they will help me lol, normally top 100 in pvp so its really effecting me.

I can’t play siren and maven PVP challenge at all. Just keeps searching. I can’t even contact support. Very frustrating.

pvp is very stupid , win only people with vip suscribite

Pvp is where all the rewards are. Maan looks like im the only one, i was told it might be my device? Its been running fine for the past 6 months. Its like after war ended it started messing up.

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