April Update: Coming Soon

Our April update is coming soon!
Check out some of the new content and features coming your way!


Will you tell us about the new heroes skills soon ? :upside_down_face::grinning: really like the look of those specially sapphyr

Oh my god looks epic :heart_eyes:

Nice! I will upgrade my heroes to max soon enough :smile:

in or after a short time.
“everyone will soon know the truth”
synonyms: in a short time, shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a twinkling, in the twinkling of an eye, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), any time (now), by and by; informalpronto, in (less than) no time, in no time (at all), in a jiffy, in two shakes, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, before you can say Jack Robinson; informalsharpish, in a tick, in two ticks; dateddirectly; archaicanon; literaryere long
“she’ll be there soon”

so whats your definition of ”soon” :face_with_monocle:

Date Time???




Alliance update very nice and new heroes so cool good job creaters :metal:t3::metal:t3:


Lol my grammar is so awful, even the developer can feel it, I’m sorry :joy:

I mean I will upgrade my heroes to Max ASAP (as soon as possible) as long you can understand me it’s not really that important :sweat_smile::joy:

Alliance store is an interesting feature and finally platinum is here!

Would like to see a new hero with healing soon. Feels like its been awhile.

We are getting an anti healer actually :grin: is nice it will add new strategies to the game

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Want Donating System In Alliance.
Its like donating Extra Element & Donating Hero Fragments.
It will be help to the low level players.
I will be glad if you discuss about it