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I thought the cause of the update delay was because there’s some big update they were working on.

Now, where’s that big update?

The only new is the new hero which we normally get every month. And Spewage is 7*, you can only get him this month if you’re lucky or have money to buy gold, and he doesn’t deserve to be 7*.


They were fixing coding and such. It’s not a preparation for anything. They needed time for other things


You also can’t get him in the 7* crate, which makes those coins useless when you have all the other 7* heros

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I’m waiting for that update we can be proud of


Why are you defending them when you know thats false? They announced ‘something we can be proud of’ is coming!


That “something we can be proud of”, was the Spewage Update. They never said they were introducing anything “new” (feature or game mode) or anything big. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

What exactly is that thing we should be proud off? Come on.

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I’m proud of it. They’re reviving the game. Something my Flatline never managed to do in a battle

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Good for you. Not a bad feature once the reality starts to kick in.

I have no problem with you Robert but if they fixed the code then why don’t we have a tournament now with a blitz going on.

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Come on guys don’t be rude with this guy. He’s just saying the truth.

They fixed the bugs and we didn’t have a 1 and a half day PVP event where we all were not able to play for almost 12 hours. We should be really proud of it.

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I was tempting to write an essay on Robert because I am seeing many people trying to argue with him for wrong reasons, please leave Pronk alone, he is a good member. Negative thoughts won’t help you and I guess this is not good for your brain’s neural structure. I know you all must remember that past incident when Fiber was released & her silver skill was bugged but, Robert was claiming that “She is totally fine and doesn’t need any tweak” but, when she got fixed & players started complaining to make her like she was before because they spent money and golds to get her then he again said “she is totally fine and doesn’t need anything”. There’s soo many examples like these, specially from a few members from community star section but hey, there’s nothing against them they all are representing their honest opinions & thoughts like others do.
It is not about contradiction, irony or hypocrisy but, it is about spreading positivity.
We should acknowledge that his presence matters a lot to our community and we need more people like him to create a healthy society.
We should learn how to ignore cons and only focus on pros, it helps a lot in making constructive criticism. I don’t know about you all but personally, I feel glad for his presence in every single post in forums. He is my ideal & I guess he is most knowledgeable person here, I always look for him whenever I have doubts regarding anything in this game & sometimes in life. Really a very motivational personality.
Try to learn atleast a small portion of great qualities from people around you.
And by the way, Pronk is not the only person who is standing alone to stand apart. There’s many, so please stop targeting him. It’s not good. Stop hate. Have a great day!


If you ignore cons and only look at the pros constructive criticism wouldnt be a thing lol, all would be great then.
Yeah, all is good, ALWAYS! Is a great way to be if you are delusional, some people can do that, some cant. I for sure cant and wont, if they do something right ill say it, if something is bad ill say that as well.
Constructive criticism isnt managed by ignoring cons but by proposing a solutions for some problems. Most of those were totally ignored by HHG for years, maybe, but only maybe if they really listened to the community (majority, not the guys that were always saying its good) we wouldnt be in this situation, but well, their loss.

Let me tell you one thing. Despite my positivity in all circumstances i am not delusional. I clearly see all the bads and consider them. But having a filthy mindset is bad for your mental health. Spreading the positivity is never a bad thing. If i see bads i give constructive criticism where due stating exactly what i think.
This game is in all honesty not in a good state yet. But as someone who is active on all platforms i can see that this team of devs is very promising

You are bit extreme man, stating negative things isnt that bad unless you are someone who only states negative things all the time, then someone is just a hater. Like in everything else there should be a balance. You see how people can interpret you as a delusional or something like that cause you seem like denying all the negative things.
Yeah definitely not in a good state, they had few mistakes, they are definitely doing things differently, lets see i am not giving up that easy but they do need to move fast, longer they wait less chance game will succeed

That last statement i agree on. Some already don’t have patience but if they don’t want to lose their playerbase they need to hurry up indeed

Yup man and that was my point, dont announce something big if not everyone is going to see it that way, they may have done something that we as a players cant see much off, especially players that arent on discord. In players eyes not much has changed, month of a break and same events as always.
Bounty will be some kind of a proof of how many players left the game or atleast started playing it much less.

Hey there, I completely deny with this statement because, I’m ceed:)

Flourish, fame & fortune only come to those who succeed.

Yup cause that turned out great for hhg and many other teams whose games went from a lot of players to barely some.
If this game was thriving they for sure wouldnt sell it lol

But on the other hand DECA wouldn’t buy a game that is not saveable