Artemis Crate

Any announcements on any fixes or updates on the Artemis Crate token situation?

From Discord

Skathi — Today at 2:22 PM
Artemis Login calendar came a week early. Crate coming soon, hold onto your tokens.

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Could we somehow spend them by accident somewhere?


i dont see that as a possibility since the tokens are for the crate. so we pretty much have to hold onto the tokens with the log ins and when the crate actually shows up on time, then we can just use them.

Expires on 25th, hope we will be allowed to use it on time!

Where i use my saved Artemis tokens? Artemis crate isn’t shown. Please fix it.

Artemis tokens arrived a week early by mistake. The crate will appear sometime this week. :+1:t2:

Where have my Artemis tokens gone? Has the event been cancelled?

The event ended already. If you didn’t use the tokens, they “disintegrated” and turned into cash.

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