Thanksgiving tokens?

We see the crate, 10 Thanksgiving token pulls. Coming soon? Waiting until Thanksgiving but showing us early?

says it’s a raid event token. so most likely got to wait for the event to start.

No hostility or offence intended with this post…

Canadian Thanksgiving was October 11. USA Thanksgiving was yesterday 11/25. Is this the raid that starts on 11/29? The calendar of events doesn’t specify, but I can’t be upset with you Skathi… It’s just not possible.

I may be remembering this incorrectly, so please forgive me if I’m mistaken. I thought that in the past that the tokens and the crates came out on the same day?

Maybe there will be, maybe there won’t be a raid event. But! You can buy them in the store. I’m thinking it’s just to buy. Both Thanksgivings are over now.

you must buy thanksgiving bundlle to get token i already ask the support center and that is the answer


damn! I waited but that’s it

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