August 2019 Events Schedule!

Welcome to August! This month’s featured faction is UAF Airborne (and UAF)! For complete event details, check out the list down below.

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Note from Skathi: Helios Descends and Assault on City Hall are not included on this calendar, but are happening throughout the month. Check out the details down below to see the exact dates :sun_with_face:


  • Aug 9th to Aug 12th – Bounty: UAF Airborne/UAF
  • Aug 23rd to Aug 26th – Bounty: UAF Airborne/UAF

PVP Tournaments/Brawls/Faction Fights

  • Aug 1st to Aug 4th – Faction fight: PG and Magistrates
  • Aug 5th to Aug 6th – Elemental Wars
  • Aug 6th to Aug 8th – PVP Tournament: Carabina/Oracle
  • Aug 12th to Aug 13th – Brawl: Draft
  • Aug 13th to Aug 15th – PVP Tournament: Carabina/Halloway
  • Aug 16th to Aug 19th – Faction Fight: UAF Airborne/Shoremen
  • Aug 19th to Aug 20th – Elemental Wars
  • Aug 20th to Aug 22nd – PVP Tournament: Carabina/Chesterfield
  • Aug 26th to Aug 27th – Brawl: Draft
  • Aug 27th to Aug 29th – PVP Tournament: Carabina/Panzer
  • Aug 30th to Sept 2nd – Faction Fight: UAF Airborne/Shoremen

Solo Blitz

  • Aug 9th to Aug 12th
  • Aug 13th to Aug 15th
  • Aug 20th to Aug 22nd
  • Aug 23rd to Aug 26th
  • Aug 27th to Aug 29th

Alliance Blitz

  • Aug 3rd to Aug 5th
  • Aug 16th to Aug 19th

Solo Raids

  • Aug 5th to Aug 9th
  • Aug 19th to Aug 23rd

Co-op Raids

  • Aug 12th to Aug 16th
  • Aug 16th to Aug 23rd - Wraith Ascending
  • Aug 26th to Aug 30th

Extended Co-op Raids (not on calendar)

  • Aug 4th to Aug 21st - Helios Descends
  • Aug 21st to Sep 8th - Assault on City Hall

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!


Very nice Skathers! The calendars get more packed every month I love the changes and more events. So the longer PVP tourneys are here to stay then?

No patches, buffs, nerfs, nukes, or pukes. :rofl:

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This is the Event Schedule, not the Update Notes :wink: Stay tuned!


Nicely done on this format!


Love it! The many events is amazing! Something to do all the time, pick and choose your poison! Or do everything! Lol

Looks like August is a jam packed month! Everything looks pretty sweet :metal:t5: And I’m with @Gale in hoping the PVP tournament lengths are here to stay :crossed_fingers:t5:

I’m just sad that the Min Simulation Event isn’t on yet. Gotta wait the upcoming months then.


This is just the events schedule, not update notes. Those are coming soon


UPDATE: Carabina’s Skin Event, Wraith Ascending, will now be taking place August 16th to August 23rd.