July Events Calendar

Hey Hunters,

PVP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance!
Brawl: Our short term PvP Events
Solo Raid Event: A Special Solo Raid event!
Co-op Raid Even: A Special Co-op Raid event!
3x Raid: On Sundays, all three Daily Raid types are on! Get all your Upgrade items and Hero XP here!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other Information

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Calendar is subject to change

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Still haven’t added bounty heroes ehh Lol

What will be the hero for next bounty

All UAF and UAF Airborne heroes. Panzer will have a bigger bonus though

Really? Has this been confirmed by devs? 8 bonus heroes sound like too many compared to the usual 2

Well, besides my Nightingale all my uaf are terrible, this will be a hard bounty :joy:

Thanks. And sorry if it sounded like I didnt believe you. It’s just that it took my by surprise that the whole UAF will have bonuses.

And I feel you, Kraterios. Currently, my strongest UAF is a 6k power Butter. Butter… who has no damage skills, so even with a stat boost there will be other heroes who will do better.

Do we have any idea on who will be the faction for august? I dont want to dump gold into farming energy mats after two cycles of energy heavy factions.

I think it would be the faction of Gammond. (high probability)
since one of the events are UAF vs Mestisomething

last month was Patriot and a hint of UAF.

but these are baseless assumptions. But if they follow the pattern Mestisomething will be the next.

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I hope we can get an earlier announcement. Haha I dont want to go with the flow on these monthly events. I want to prepare better even if it means I wont be able to participate well this month, since the toons are meh anyway.

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@Aaron You mean the Magistrates? (Gammond, Dogface, Hardscope, Salvatore, Clyde, Galante)

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You have time to pump’em up!

I hope next featured faction is Magistrates for 2 reasons:
I already have a fairly good Magistrates team and my newly found love for Hardscope makes me crave Hardscope fragments.
So if Magistrates are the next faction, please consider some raid rewarding us Hardscope frags.

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