August 2019 Update Notes

i think new releases guy have AUG gun or same gun as elite rifle man. is he brother of elite rifle man

Oof… too much reading :open_book: :zzz: just tell me the other heroes element, name, address, date of birth… thank​:zzz:

Wow! :open_mouth:

That Carabina’s blood skin bring me a nostalgic memory…
Looks like from the film i watched long time ago…
Space Sheriff Sharivan…

Looking forward to get the skin…

I agree. Chester is finally being useful after all my effort taking him to plat.

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By the way, update looks interesting though I think Ronin seems to be overnerfed.

  • Can’t wait to see what Beck and Chesterfield can do (probably not much but I am hopeful!!)
  • Kaishi is still gonna be poor, and sadly this will remain very much the case until bio has a way to deal with shield meta (note, if a hero can’t beat Castellan, don’t waste time on him/her)
  • I was thinking of starring up Halloway but my plans are shelved as of now
  • Don’t have Kurtz so can’t say
  • Good nerf to Mandrake
  • Rather moderate buff to Shank, hopefully he is now able to possess a semi DPS threat in addition to his stun (but no change to basic weapon damage and Sucker Punch seems too slow, so he is possibly still weak).

Would have really liked Panzer to receive an update in UAFA month, she has been somewhat forgotten and I hope they bring her up again (not to her release spec but better than where she is right now)… In the current shield meta, and especially the speed at which shields deploy and heroes get re-shielded, her long reload has become her biggest liability because it cannot burst down a shield and take out an opponent before a new shield pops up.


Roles of the characters: Shank a DPS threat? He’s not supposed to be. He’s not weak at all, he does exactly what he’s supposed to do. He’s a front line tank disrupting character, similar to Jarek. What makes him strong is the rest of the team and what they are doing while his stuns are thrown out. This goes for just about every discussion I’ve ever read about A hero being weak or strong or whatever; it’s always just about the single hero and how they need to be a one man army. No hero should stand alone, this whole game is about team composition and synergy. Find it, use it, test it, figure it out. That’s how I figured out how to beat Ronin and use Ronin, and I’ll continue to research and work with the characters HH developes, as they are, and figure it out. I have yet to find a truly broken hero; there are some with skills that don’t function properly, and some graphics aiming issues, but they all do what they were designed for by far. So use all five team slots and play with all five, they have specific purpose and synergies, and stop asking the developers to make every hero a stand alone superstar.


We’ll see about that! Revealing invisible heroes isn’t really gamechanging and his traps could also need some love.
Let’s see what his DPS will be after the update. It might be awesome.

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The real problem I have with Mandrake is the facts that I just can’t see the healers when they are invisible. Other than that, I’m fine with the others.

Primo can we conclude that skins are coming back?
Secundo (don’t flag me for that pleeaase)
Beck—> Osric Temper’s baby… buff??
Tertio @Gentjan1987 , Omg even if some (some) of your concerns are shared by the community, the way you act is so negative that nobody want to help nor defend your PoV.


You nerfed Ronin recently, and you will do it again :confused:, but didn´t do anything with Kurtz, that is a total Scam… Kurtz will be almost with the same damage, what kind of balance is that? I don´t know, maybe it is time to find another game. Really bored with this Hero Hunters.

Did you not see the update notes for him? He can no longer execute Spawned Units which means no more drones or holo’s, and Fierce Retaliation no longer is triggered by them dying either. That is a pretty large update.



she has binoculars instead of eyes.

I thought i was the only one who didnt think shank is a bad hero. He isnt meant to do damage hes meant to stun the opponents dps. I dont lose very much and shank teams have kicked my ass from lucky stuns, he wasnt op by any means but he was far from being a terrible hero. Shank can be hard to deal with

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The buffs for shank are great. He still doesnt put out much damage but he absolutely shreds cover and his silver stun actually gets used.

Chester buffs are a bit rougher. Its harder to hit guys to get double tap procs and upgrading his silver has literally no point (before it was at least the puny damage now theres nothing that grows with levels).

Beck buffs are huge, with plat moss she can self heal pretty easily and is still pretty sturdy. Combined with dogface plat she does quite a bit if dps.


Agreed on Beck. Expecting her to turn up in PVP a bit more now

So glad they went ahead and buffed Shank when it was so not needed. Now his damn stun happens over and over again and is just an annoying pain in the ass. He was fine the way he was and now if you are playing against him, it’s stun stun stun over and over again.

What happened to pvp event standings? I’m higher ranked atm the. Last event yet last event I was top 15% vs now not eve. Top 90% also was told by a friend in same bracket that 101st is only top 50%??? We need to go back to the old system of pvp tournament ranking, where div 1 is at a certain score, then got ranked rewards above. More fair to all. Expesuly the casual players who use to hit 1.25million points and stop. How the casual and semi casual players will have to grind their brains out for any frags in the events. Sad, sad


So did chesterfield actually get a buff? Because his plat is now pretty much useless compared to what it was. He gets 1 pellet now

It’s kinda unique, right, to have an active skill that doesn’t increase at all as you skill it up? That’s a bunch of skill points and bucks to waste.