June 2019 Update Notes

The June 2019 Update is COMING SOON!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

June 2019 Events Calendar: https://bit.ly/2KcYx8f

What’s New?

:dart: New Hero - Astrix

Faction_ColorIcon RANGERS

Astrix, the Scout Sentry, is a legendary pathfinder from the Outback. She excels in using her Boomerang to set up combos with her rifle’s Slugger Round for big damage from the rear lines.

Check out her Skills here: https://bit.ly/2ECQL44

:unlock: New Content & Gameplay Changes

:fist: Gauntlet Changes

Gauntlet has been updated! Gauntlet now features daily resets, two extra sectors, Quick Wins, and more! Check out our previous post here for more info: https://bit.ly/2I45VA6

:zap:Community Clash Event!

Become immortalized in one of our upcoming events! Enter to get a chance to become a Community Champion and create a team of five Heroes that players will encounter in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator.

Get more info and enter here: https://bit.ly/2WoIAT2

Entries are due by Friday, June 21st!

:moneybag: Currency Doublers

We’re introducing a new way to gain more rewards in the June 2019 update! Purchase a Currency Doubler, and all Currency of that type you earn will be doubled! Each Doubler has a set amount it can duplicate before it runs empty. Maximize your prize!

:muscle: Hero Crate Contents

  • Briar will be available in the Hero Crate!

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Phoenix and Castellan will be replacing Moss and Bolt in the PvP Store!

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Panzer will be replacing Halloway in the Gauntlet Store.

Hero Changes


Click Here for Details!

Caine Caine

Caine has some of the best shielding in the game, but his pick rate is low. He gets some stat adjustments in this update, which should make him more of a threat on the battlefield.

  • Skill Charge per attack increased from 1.4 to 1.6
  • Reload time shortened from 2400 to 2250
  • Elemental Defense Mod increased from 1.2 to 1.4
  • Physical Defense Mod increased from 2.3 to 2.4

Cinder Cinder

Acid Rain should be awesome at destroying cover, but its chance of activating were too low. Increasing the rate it goes off, and increasing the damage, makes her a more viable choice.

  • Acid Rain Damage chance increased
  • Acid Rain Damage to cover increased
  • Defense Mod increased from 1.8 to 1.9

Dogface Dogface

Dogface is a little too good in PvP right now. We adjusted his Full Metal Jacket to help balance him out a bit.

  • Full Metal Jacket Armor Penetration reduced by 10%

Flatline Flatline

Heal and Revive Heroes are very strong. To balance out the meta, we made Clear a little more risky to use. It remains powerful, but the damage Flatline deals to herself evens the score.

  • Clear Self Damage increased from 10% to 15%

Galante Galante

Galante is thicc. Players are having a hard time aiming when using the greatest Hero in the game, so we pulled back the camera when aiming with him to make him easier to use.

  • Pulled Camera back to allow more of the battlefield to be viewed while aiming

Hardscope Hardscope

BFG doesn’t work with the Hardscope Skill, so we fixed that. It makes sense that it should.

  • Hardscope now applies bonus to BFG
  • Offense Mod increased from 2.2 to 2.3
  • Defense Mod increased from 1.6 to 1.7

Ifrit Ifrit

Unfinished Business was a little too strong. Lowering the Health a revived Hero receives helps balance the playing field.

  • Unfinished Business revived Hero Health reduced by 15%

Ronin Ronin

Ronin remains a dominating force in the meta despite adjustments. To encourage some more diversity in team composition, Honorbound is receiving reductions.

  • Honorbound bonus Damage per charge reduced by 10%

Yanlong Yanlong

Yanlong doesn’t see much play lately, and hasn’t shown up in many teams. His shotgun now hits harder, and Siege Breaker travels to the target quicker, making it harder to dodge. All of this combined should make him a better pick.

  • Shotgun pellet count increased from 12 to 15
  • Shotgun spread tightened
  • Shotgun clip size increased from 6 to 8
  • Skill Charge per attack increased from 0.5 to 0.75
  • Siege Breaker projectile speed increased from 9 to 12

First impression:
No skins! Again! God has no mercy!
Second and sane impression:
Gauntlet changes! Ronin nerf! Great rebalances! ASTRIX! Currency doublers! I repeat, Gauntlet changes! What a great update.


No new skins yet? :frowning:


Why not keep mandrake in gauntlet store?


Honorbound reducer 10% damage per charge – it’s mean what Ronin may lost all damage buff after 10 reloads? If yes – it’s great news.

For each Hero that triggers Honorbound, that’s a Charge. So per charge, he gets less bonus. Has nothing to do with reloads or any other game system whatsoever.

Another Ronin nerf? This time on his prized honorbound? I really need to ease up on those capuccinos, I’m seeing things again!
P.S. Would the simulator be in the June update?
P.S.S. Can’t wait for the update to come so I can form my Suicide Squad!

Right, i have almost 10k of skin tokens and nowhere to use them. Also, There’s heroes that have more than 1 skin - which is redundant since the skill stats are the same either it is a common or legendary skin (that doesn’t make sense), making it an aesthetic choice basically - while there’s others screaming for an enhancement, like kunoichi and many others.

I like the changes in hero skills in general, but I’d like to say that in what dogface is concerned, they don’t address his issues. In my opinion, he should have cooldown reduced while general damage should also be reduced, making it more enjoyable to control and, specially, will avoid players running full marathons before they charge, which is annoying to face against.


could we please get a clarification on Honorbound? There are three ways this can read. If we say a charge equals 3000

  1. 10% is applied as 10% of 3000 every time.
    First charge 3000, each charge after that 2700

  2. 10% is cumulative for each charge.
    First charge 3000, second charge 2700, third charge 2200, and so on…

  3. 10% is applied to the previous bonus.
    First charge 3000, second charge 2700, third charge 2430, forth charge 2187, and so on…

If neither of these three represent how it works, would you please elaborate?

That means the damage he receives from Honorbound is reduced by 10%. Meaning if he received +100 per charge before, he only receives 90 now

Honorbound adds a flat amount of Damage per qualifying Hero in your team. So let’s say you got 3,000, to keep with your example.

The first Hero would grant him 3,000. The second would also grant 3,000. Third, 3,000, and fourth gets you another 3,000.

It’s now 10% less. First gets you 2,700, second 2,700 more, and so on. We just lowered the amount of Damage you get from each charge. Nothing crazy or complex with cumulative deductions. We’re just taking that value you get per charge (let’s say 3,000) and trimming that. That’s all.

Thank you very much. That helps.

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Alright, a few things to unpack here. Gauntlet changes notwithstanding (we’re all obviously ecstatic about it), there’s a few surprising changes here alongside some long-needed adjustments.

  1. Currency Doublers

Gross. Just some old fashioned unoriginal freemium BS here, not really much else to say. Doublers are common in the industry and HH has proven yet again to be an industry follower.

  1. Gauntlet Changes

We knew this was coming but I can’t overstate how amazing this is. I’m absolutely thrilled that arguably the single most requested change in the history of HH has finally arrived. I, and many others, will be awaiting this with open arms.

  1. Ronin Nerf

Oooooh baby. I would say this is controversial except that anyone that disagrees with this is downright delusional. If anything, this nerf isn’t heavy handed enough. I too use Ronin in my pvp farming team but it’d be insanity to deny that this change isn’t for the benefit of the game.

  1. Flatline Nerf

Smart. I love this. Desperately needed but not overzealous. I’m excited to see how this changes the current PvP dynamic.

  1. Caine Buff

Wait what? Surely this is a typo…? He was BUFFED? Not really sure what to say here. Hard to imagine that anyone that’s played PvP genuinely thought that Caine of all heroes needed a buff. Speechless on this…

  1. Galante Meme

It’s fun lol I like it. Haters gonna hate. Gotta give a nod to the balance dev for the comic relief :joy:

  1. SO many ignored heroes

Sad to see that yet again, 90% of the balance focus is on heroes that are already in the spotlight. What about the DOZENS that are falling by the wayside month after month? I’m shocked that so much effort is being spent on fine-tuning some near-perfect heroes while so many completely ignored heroes gather yet another layer of dust. Saddened to see this.


Currency Doublers

4000 pvp gems is 40 frags
149 gold is 3.7 gold per frag

Black Market
360 gold for 30 frags
12 gold per frag

Sounds good to me if I did the math correct. I think it’s worth the gold. Question is how many can we use back to back in an event because I get a lot more than 4000 pvp gems I’d like to duplicate.

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YES!!! finally Panzer!!!

ok developers said that galante is best hero in game but looks like players not much like him i think developers have to add that 40 missiles auto target system like reyker or incresing damage of missiles damage all heros on battlefield

Lot of good updates here. Thought Caine was annoying AF before? He is going to be even more annoying after this update :smile: Also like Cinder’s buff, glad they made it easier to activate her skills, might me great contender to ole Kurtz


Amazing changes…can’t wait to update

Liking these updates HH…
Although where are these skins? I mean, hardscope has like 3 different skins, and mauler has 2.
Gauntlet changes!!! Quick winning gauntlet is going to male it so much easier…
Hero changes are kinda meh at this stage, no huge changes or anything…
Currency doublers are kinda interesting, but really its just trading gold for other currencies, unless you can win these from events which would be nice.
All in all, gauntlet is probably the best thing to come out of this.

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wait for the update, they might surprise you