Bhaltair & Axel

Very fun PvP round this time… I mean you are expected to use Ravager & Stygia without being labelled a griefer, how cool is that!?

Without much deviation (and no complaints) the top line up is:

Some super sharp shooters are happy to dust off Sentry. Caine is making the odd appearance, most notably subbing in for Bhaltair, which makes some sense.

I do find that it matters entirely who is behind the wheel and that skill separates those who have a team wipe in 5 seconds and those who outlast. Having the right character get access to game-breaking skills micro-seconds before the bad guys tends to bring the match home in style.

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The changes made to PvP where you dont see the same meta lineup in the midweek tournament has made the game a lot more enjoyable.


Made the game worse pal. I’ve only got 5 heroes from this bonus faction unlocked in a case my axel is ruby maxed and my stygia is just 7* platinum while the game algorithm punishes me for sandbagging by facing much better team or AI composed teams made up with all heroes. Make it make sense, I guess in the future we might play bounty and wars with just bonus faction.

Not our fault that you chose to sandbag. Go play free play pvp or coop if you want to sandbag.