PVP balance issue-is this fair or unfair?

Hey I have noticed recently that PVP reblancing gives me some very imblanced matches. In all those matches, my heroe skills are all maxed out. Anyone else has similar problems? I understand that mandrake and flatline aren’t platinum 4+ like mauler but still…

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These are bad match-ups for you, but I would say they are still okay,. You have, as you said yourself, the power gap between Caine and Mauler. And 10% difference in power is normal in matches.

Conclusion, you get slightly punished for your power gap and have a bad match-up too, this gives you the big difference in power.

what about me?

Serious question?

19k 10* 4 bar Heckler together with a 5* Phalanx? You got lucky with that match-up.


So many reasons to have a bad match-up. I’d be happy with what you got.

  • 10* mixed with 5-6 * heroes
  • power difference of 10k with 3, almost 4 heroes
  • plat+4, vs plat0

Wow, it’s like you never read any thread about matchmaking

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you cant be serious :joy:
10* Heckler along with 6 and 5 star heros and still complaining about matchmaking?

yeah matchmaking its not perfect but as @WalleWu said, you got lucky with that match-up

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