Bug on gauntlet

I wonder why with my 3 account , when i switch between them my fast win was reset really often ,can you explain that please !! because the support team always take us like stupid player who know nothing about the game !!!

If you click on the gauntlet page and then click your name, go to accounts and switch accounts what happens is it automatically loads the gauntlet data for your first account into your second. And because your second account hasn’t had it’s gauntlet reset yet, you can’t be at sector 5 so it resets and reverts to sector 1. Simple solution is only ever be on the missions or alliance tabs when you switch accounts.

A few things to remember @Francois_Simard:

(1 Switch the thread topic from Community Gallery to General Discussion

(2 Support issues cannot be addressed here, the best thing is to ask other players what they’ve done, and do that while you wait.

(3 Explain to support when the problem first occurred, on what gamemode(s) it’s on, what your platform and IGN is, and how it exactly unfolds.

(4 Be polite and show some decency. Being rude and diminishing toward devs/support will get you no positive result, and your request will likely be non-prioritized/disregarded.

What Vinter said.

Nobody here is going to be able to help you troubleshoot your problem. You’re required to read the forum rules fully before posting again. Please continue to speak with support in a polite manner. Thanks.