Bug on map 4-10

There a bug on map 4–10 where a npc gets stuck behind a wall and my heros can’t attack them resulting in mission failure.

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I agree this is a bug, but pretty sure Ryker’s bronze/silver abilities (if player controlled) could bypass it, as well as Mandrake’s Bull Rush.

Everytime I would try to use special attacks wouldn’t work. The heros would just bounce up and down

Actually there are two bugs and you shouldn’t have to play Ryker to win assuming he can target which I doubt.

So in Fort Anchor 4-10 you have to kill enemy drones as well as enemies shooting at you. When you start if you don’t move at all you can kill the guys in front of you. Behind that green wall if you stand there from the start you face it and I thought was a soldier I could kill, but he doesn’t come out so time runs out and the Mission fails. I played again days later recognized it as I had already moved and a drone flew out from above. Aha-So it is a drone that hangs behind the wall.

In the same mission after the objective is met later in the sequence if you make it passed that and kill all the guys there is another drone that is stuck behind the wall on the path to the boss CAST in 4-10 Fort Anchor.

I saw it form next to the soldier on top of the wall on the way we walk thru to fight Cast. This drone stays then drops behind that wall until the Mission fails I just did it again and got fresh screenshots. So it is current up to this minute.

Notice the time on the clock as I took different views from characters that could not either target like Matadors jump or could not target with a gun or RPG or could not hit it.

Uploaded screenshots don’t see them

Drones act weird in some maps. Ive also experienced this on 3-10 (if I recall correctly). And the same thing can happen during some bounties, they can get stuck behind the bridge, on the second wave.

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