Bounty - a glitchy and unengaging event

Hi all, Peace here.

Bounty frustrates me to no end. Overall it is extremely laggy, and I think it needs some simple improvements or even should be entirely redone.

Firstly, a bounty should have a symbol on it or something similar when another player is currently in that bounty - this avoids the inevitable crossover of two players defeating the same bounty and wasting hero’s stamina.

Second, overall the event is very laggy. Often a bounties remaining health is incorrect - saying 100k is left when in fact it is 5mil for example.
There are also issues within the bounty where an enemy drone is deployed or an enemy is behind a wall and your team will not shoot it for whatever reason, so they just sit there doing nothing wasting time. Yes you could manually play to avoid this but the event is so incredibly boring nobody wants to manual it.

Bounty is very taxing on phone battery too. It is an unengaging event where you just put it on auto wait 1.5mins check it refresh and go again until your stamina is out. I feel as though the whole idea should be reworked into something fun and engaging. As it stands I (and many others) feel it is just a chore that we need to do as the rewards are pretty good.

I would appreciate it if my points were read and addressed. Feedback welcomed.

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There is a new feature this event which shows when someone is active on that bounty.

I agree about the bugs and lag… This new stagger bug is seriously annoying.

Yeah those drones are the worst, sometimes I can’t even hit them on manual, losing 20 seconds for a skill to recharge to try to hit them

The double stagger and the enemies getting stuck frustrating on their own…add to it now that Bounty Mandrake is giving all of his AI minions invisibility, has me now having to put down the phone and walk away.

And honestly we need to move on from that shanty town map.

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I dislike those pyro guys the most.

The AI seems to always ignore the enemies that crouch behind the cover for most of the time.

Yeah the mandrake gold is actually the worst skill, my guys do nothing but shoot that one minion back into stealth only to do that over and over until the bounty is over, mandrake is really anoying, don’t like to use my sapphyr bullets in minions unless the bounty moved to a new location

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Upvote your post. I esp like the taxing part. They should reduce the length, arrange the experience to be quality over quantity. Instead of us killing a boss for 100 or so coins to reach 30,000. That’s ridiculous and clearly aimed for the paying-beta few.

I 1000% concur on the part about the enemy behind the wall. This is extremely annoying and has been an issue for quite some time. I am surprised HHG has not fixed this yet.

This is my second bounty, the first one I couldn’t help much in.
However I’m loving this event; look at the rewards! Loads!

What frustrates me a bit though is that once you get to a certain tier and you feel like your team won’t make it any further (in my case: tier 3) there’s not much to gain from going bounty-hunting on your own. I wish there was some reward in it for the kill itself, a personal reward based on how much damage you put into the bounty. Maybe a few thousand bucks, just enough to get your character skilled-up a bit.

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Bucks would help a lot, not saying you should get 100k or anything.

Right now we’re close to top 50, 3k gap, and we stand around 12k in front of top 100 so I don’t really feel like hitting anything anymore

Some small bucks, or maybe a reward after 30k will help to solve this matter, since most top 70 alliances will hit the 30k millstone

Wait for your next bounties. Haha you’ll also realize how minute the rewards are compared to the effort. It’s an uninspired grind.

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