Bugs in PvP & Co op Raids

Hey Deca

What is this? PvP, Co op Raids, Co op PvP are not Working

Please fix these bugs.
We don’t want new heroes. If you really want to do something you can make new levels, add old missions like villains coming Continuously, add old heroes in solo raids.
You can add new modes like zombie hunting
We will appreciate your work.
Thank you

Hey. We are aware of the issue. The team is working on it. Thanks for the reprot and interesting suggestions!


How about adding astral and void frags in the Heronium store before delivering another broken update.

One thing I heard someone mention was the idea of… drumroll pleassseee!!!

Co-op Pvp
Sounds like a fun thing to do, 3 and 3 taking on extreme would be nice!

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What do we play in game? Neither pvp nor Co op raids are working. What do we do in game deca? Please solve it fast.

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