Returning player

I don’t know how many of u remember me but I left playing this game because of unbalanced match making in co op pvp. I mainly play co op with my in game friends.
After knowing that the game is now under DECA, I came back with a hope for something new.
Basically the whole game is same, but I notice no unbalanced matchmaking, sure it takes a bit long but I am happy so far, Even though I lose I feel it was fair. Thank DECA for this.
Also, there is a drama goin on, I suggest DECA to add something new which would drain the time for people and be enjoyable, even I am kinda bored of the usual bounty, pvp, raid, guantlet and missions, and suggest player to wait and see where it goes, its new studio after all

Ive been without play this Game like 1 year… I’ll give it a try next week

I remember you. You owe me 10 untraded co-ops.

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