Caine shield himself

I met several times that Caine is shielding himself by his own skills.

I wonder since when Caine can give himself the shield, and how should I do so if I am controlling him in PVP?

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Perfect timing, throw it at a backliner, or middle of you use a 3th sniper and Caine is standing in the middle line, switch to that hero, roll away, when you missed the target it lays on the ground, now you can collect it with Caine.

This takes way to much time to do, so I wouldn’t advice on it, most of the times it just random that an NPC rolls away and Caine rolls in it

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As Kraterios said, most of the times Caine shield himself is because his intended target failed to pick up the drop (Maybe he died or he left cover at the same time the pickup was thrown).

It can also happen (sometimes) when Caine’s target dies before he throws the shield. He will automatically swap to the next hero with lowest health. If that happens to be Caine, he will shield himself. This is quite rare, and seems to be a bug, more than a feature, so I doubt you can shield yourself manually using this method

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I have seen instances where Caine does accidentally shield himself. If there is a type of cover that holds 2 behind it, and he intends to throw it on his neighbor, he sometimes actually hits himself with the shield.

Same thing with moss. He can use his healing cloud to heal himself with another back line. Super neat and useful trick.

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moss is understandable, but Caine…is just a bug…

How so? When Caine throws down his shield items, they have to be picked up.

I’ve read each comment and I’m not convinced that it’s a bug, I played n opponent just recently and his Caine shielded himself the entire game and what makes matters worse was he wasn’t even player controlled. I never knew this could’ve happen

Was there someone standing next to him or on the same line

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It’s definitely possible for Caine to acquire his own armor or counter-measures.

Yup, you can see where the shields are on the ground if they are not picked up immediately. They have the same white glow as a dead player that is going to be brought back to life by Ifrit’s Unfinished Business. If a shield is thrown to a hero moving they usually won’t get the shield unless they run back