Can't find opponent to pvp

Can’t seem to find anyone to pvp in any mode just keeps searching anyone else having same issue?

I haven’t had this issue, but it may be a problem with your wifi connection.

If you think it’s a technical issue, you will want to contact support about this. Most people on the forums will not be able to help. :+1:t2:

Cann play all other parts of game but chat and pvp can surf net etc so have net but was asking if this a geoup issue or just me for aome reasons. Tried to uninstall etc but no luck will be at a wifi hotspot soon so will try that as support suggest

Ok connected to wifi all worked turned wifi off no chat or pvp again anyone know fix on android Samsung note 9

At this point, you should probably talk to Support

Yeah hVe messaged them

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both myself and husband had the same issue. No chat and no PVP. Logged a ticket but HH came back to say no issues at their end :frowning:

Had to Factory Reset my phone. Found advice that said reset network settings and few other things. etc but if that didn’t work Factory reset phone. It happens sometimes as a miscommunication from phone to server. Search local connections issue fix had few steps but only the factory reset worked for me right pain reinstalling everything now thou but can game again

The only time i have this issue is when i’m connected to work wifi.

Turn (work)wifi off for pvp/coops/bounty, everything is good.

At home, i never had this issue

Work wifi sometimes blocks some ip address so thats why some don’t work this I think was caused when I was at home on wifi but left for work so it switched to 4g but the game server bugged out on switch

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