Carabina needs serious help

I hit the target with her marker 7-8 times and they definitely don’t get marked, and it’s not like the hero was moving so it didn’t catch them. The hero was standing still and it just doesn’t effect em, even the graphics don’t trigger on the target every time. And as far as her other skill, it doesn’t work half the time either, doesn’t follow the target around. But the most frustrating is the marker not working, I mean that’s the heroes entire concept. When I say it’s not working, I seriously mean 75% of the time it doesn’t catch a target that’s sitting still. You need a way to notify us when it does stick, so we don’t use the skill 10x hoping it works. Like how under the heroes portrait it has a little sign to tell you how many times the skill is triggered, idk how but if you can’t guarantee the skill will work then we need to know when it does so we’re not guessing.

So the FX don’t work when you hit the target 75% of the time, that blue target that pops above the enemies head to show you the skill took effect. And I’m assuming the skill isn’t taking effect because when I hit mandrake or Fischer with the marker 7-8 freakin times they STILL go invisible. I love this game, think it has some great ideas, but sometimes I’m shocked at how bad HH can be at executing them. It seems every new hero comes with a load of new glitches, that should of been easily discovered in beta. I don’t care if the new hero sucks at bounty cuz they have no dps, but I want the heroes skills to be effective since that’s what creates the most variability in game play.

Anyway, point is that Carabina’s skills don’t work 3/4 times, that’s an EXTREMELY high failure rate. I dream of the day quality exceeds profits in managements goals.


I noticed that the Markerlight charge x3 doesn’t seem to work, I was excited that this hero was going to be useful for Fischer bounties but a big negative on that


I see the same thing. No matter how many time you hit them. They never are marked.

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Same issue… I’ve just been using her as a filler on ALL those required hero bounties. That marker skill charges so fast, she’d be ‘kinda’ cool if it worked properly. IMO…

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I noticed that yesterday on a Fischer bounty. And it cleared all markerlights when switched to phase 2

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Wesson and nightingale skill target skill doesn’t work on Fisher and sapphyre, those skill were meant to unhide them :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

We have been saying this for a long time now and hopefully the Devs fix it, Fischer is completely broken when he goes invisible, his hit box is non-existent and gale will miss 4/5 shots that are worth up to 800k a shot on this bounty because he is invisible. Markerlight doesn’t target them at all and I haven’t noticed it makes the ai do any more damage either. Either markerlight needs to be fixed or fishcer needs to be fixed, marking is underrated for such a great tool. The best marker in the game is now Chester, marking should be team-wide just like chester for both wesson and gale.

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