This is ridiculous

paid 1000$ for a hero and 2 months later his skills are STILL broken? i’d hire new developers… FIX KURTZ ALREADY


What’s the problem with him? I don’t have any issues facing him. Kill him first.

He’s obviously complaining about bugs. Why would a guy who spent big money and actually got him want him nerfed?

Ahhhh. Didn’t think about that. I don’t have him so I know nothing about any bugs.

His execute sometimes doesn’t work at all or it does weird things that are unintentional. I posted something about it weeks ago…somewhere around here…

It’s doesn’t work like 90% of the times. Or it kills ally instead of enemy effected by Dominate.

Kurtz is the most bugged hero I’ve ever seen.

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Calm down. He just came out 2 months ago so quit blubbering

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If you can provide video evidence of this event it would help fix the problem, shouting about it here makes people less likely to help you :slight_smile:

Remember the devs are real people and work hard, they have jobs and lives and don’t live for this game like some of the player base do. Saying they should lose their jobs is highly disrespectful for them as they have spent countless hours for your enjoyment. Please speak more kindly and you will get nicer responses for Muninn and such. Thank you :slight_smile:


I sent them a video evidence of Kurtz problem long time ago, still haven’t fixed completely, it happens a lot and it’s exhausting for people who spend big time and cash to get him.