Changes to Pvp

I was happy to see that in update there was a change to pvp matching system. Thought ok this might finally fix pvp and make it fun again…oh how wrong was I!!!
What is the point of changing how we are matched if it does nothing to sort out the white elephant in the room. I’m talking about players who would rather cheat than match a fair team against another opponent? Yes Min Maxing.
Whilst HH continues to do little to prevent this the cheats just continue to be rewarded for ruining the game for the rest of us.
Match against highest chosen hero would fix min maxing overnight. Select a 15k hero you match against an opponent with a 15k hero. Doesn’t matter what rest of team is if a min maxed want to add a 9k hero fine he might face off against a team full of 15k heros and get wiped. Hence they would stop and play fair, why change something to something else if it still ends up being broke???


Min maxing between silver, gold and plat tiers has already been solved as it does indeed match you with the highest power team player however bars are causing the issue, plat bar heros with low stars has always been an issue and it is not something so simple to fix as then certain toons would never be used for PVP due to their power.

The unforunate answer here is to just simply change your play style, start barring and keep your stars low for your pvp team. It’s the only way to play PVP at the moment, the team is tough to beat but not impossible. I would suggest using Kuno or Jarek as a good counter to ronin :slight_smile:

Using highest hero power to rank matches would solve the barring issue 15k 20k hero would match against 15k 20k hero. Then it would stop gamers pairing 15k hero with 7k heros. I could do as you say play like the cheats and do 20k hero with rest 10k but I know how I feel when I get the cheat paired with me and would hate to do that to someone else.
Yes I can counter ronin easy enough and yes it the most common cheats hero to use atm but not only one. This issue has gone on long enough and HH seem to do little about it so cheats prosper whilst ruining pvp for rest of us.

With your team you can only lose, it’s not a team for the pvp, it’s not because some uses Ronin he cheats, is not that Ronin good, must choose the right character

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I like the new system. It has made PVP much more enjoyable.

In my opinion it kinda did so but I still get matched with players from a lot higher leagues, because of which I still loose to often :frowning:

Nope, the word solved about minmaxing/sandbagging is laughable. It’s not solved at all, power differential is still not enough, they should punish min/maxers more than that. But I believe what is not fixed yet is Matchmaking, this is source of the problem.

So your suggestion is to cheat like everybody else does? And don’t play the game as it meant to be played at first place, Good one. @Lillypawz note that, it will be useful.

Agreed, that is not a good PvP team at all, but that’s not the point. Matchmaking doesn’t find a opponent for you based on what hero’s you use, it works with calculating:
Team Power
Being plat, gold &…
Skill levels
Bars and ect

So you use a balanced team with 6-7 star hero’s, what you get is a sandbagger with 8* plat 4 hero at top of 7-8 star teammates also with bars and how much system punished sandbagger? Only 5K and people think it’s enough.

This is a huge problem in low team power PvP teams, even at 65-72K team power that I use this problem is still going, I use a completely balanced team with 8-9* plat hero’s no bars, what I get is a sandbagger with 10* plat 4 with 8* support and only 5-6K punishment, but I don’t mind, cuz I melt sandbaggers like cheese, that is not a problem for me, not anymore (I have Kurtz)

the fact that we don’t talk about minmaxing and sandbagging like old times, doesn’t mean the problem is solved. It is not at all.

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Doesn’t matter what team you put together that was just a team of my lowest characters. My bottom 5 as I find pvp that enjoyable now all I do is auto run 3 a day to get rewards. You get same thing until I start using my top end hero’s and that’s because you are facing another team of max hero’s.
Doesn’t it sound nice if you group 5 hero’s no matter what colour green bronze silver etc and bar level they are, you put an average of 6k hero group together with say a 6234 power level hero as highest match making looks for another opponent with a max hero level off 6500 for example. It levels the game for everyone ! Matched against an equal opponent not someone with single maxed out hero using their lowest level hero’s to gank the opponent. Killing one or two of your hero’s within seconds of entering the match…

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Youre dramatically over-simplifying the problem.


What can be more simple than ranking you in a pvp match using the highest power hero…?
As above the cheat has a 17455 ronin if ranked against another player using highest power hero of 17000 18000 for example. Difference is the opponent has a team full of 17k hero’s the cheat doesn’t and would have his bottom smacked finally putting an end to ganking honest players. But HH seem to be happy letting cheat prosper in pvp instead, change matching from one system to the other that has no effect on the major issue with pvp at the moment.

It’s not a cheat. If it was cheating people would be banned. Ronins not the only hero people do that with. Plus you use kunochi and siren. Both of which are glass cannons. Hit hard but die fast with low hp

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I have been proposing using the highest power hero as a way to match for quite some time. I’ve said it multiple times in forum and in VIP. It rewards those that evenly upgrade their heroes giving them more options to play with. And penalizes those for playing with extreme power differences.

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Random team selection for dailies etc doesn’t matter what you put up really a 12k team will struggle against a CHEAT who uses the current system to win as they can’t win if playing fair. Most dps based 10 star 5 plat will kill a 7 star 2 plat in seconds even if as in ronin energy based kills Mech hero’s. Just because the current system allows this doesn’t mean gamers should as it really an exploit that as of yet HH has done little if anything about

And yes my opponent YUNIKTOM has a great team loadout ah no… it built to add HP and shield ronin long enough for him to kill any threat and then wipe rest. A Ganker if you prefer than a Cheat but still they gain in events etc whilst rest of us slowly lose interest in pvp and the game itself

Its not cheating. It’s ‘gaming’ the system.

I would also like to quote Raz ‘git gud’

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I think I said enough, matchmaking is the real problem, and give minmaxers/sandbaggers more punishment. thats it.

if it was not cheating they wouldn’t bother their self to try to solve it.

Just because the game system allows it at the moment doesn’t mean it not cheating using a game mechanic against way it is designed is exploiting it and therefore cheating…

In my opinion it is being used like it should. I mean what should it be there for???

Ok, so let’s say what you say is indeed true. People are cheating by having a top heavy ronin team with 4 scrubs. What is your suggestion on how to fix this? Should HHG reimburse the resources spent to have everyone at an even team?

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The team you used sucked and you played on auto. This has nothing to do with people cheating.