Pvp miss match

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This is a clear player manipulating game

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A classic case of Min/Maxing it is a known issue with PVP. Not a lot you can do other than move along


You did the same thing sandbagging with your halo

If your team is a little mismatched, you’ll be placed up against other people who also have a mismatch.

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Ur right my team is missmatch.Its not the point I lm making I making the point that the player is manipulating the game by not levelling he’s skills and he’s uneven team level and instead of getting punished he’s getting easy match’s.with that team he’s wins 99% of the time

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Also even if u have a evenly matched team 9 out of 10 times u face loads of missmatch teams

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This one actually seems pretty evenly matched between you and them.
you all have lvl 90’s, 8/9* and 2 bar. they have a few lvl 89, one 10* and one 5* and lower barred heroes.
all in all it think it evens out, if not swayed in your favor a little.


That player got 8k difference between weakest 2 strongest compared 2 my 1k difference 4 me that’s a miss match.by ur theory there will never be a miss match.anyway let’s not talk bout miss match. wats ur view on the 1st one is that player manipulating the game

we’ve talked about official stances on that type of thing in the past just search em up.

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Sorry I’ve not seen them can u tell me wat topic or could u be kind enough 2 let me know wat they r here

There is miss matched matchmaking problems and now days we have no control on Pvp whatsoever.

I wouldn’t worry going to check another topic. Would be just wasting your time.

Talking about mismatching problems?

It’s just terrible Matchmaking, it gets even worse when it comes to bars.

Stop what exactly? Terrible Matchmaking or Stoping people who manipulate game flaws?
Player’s are not the problem, you can’t blame players for this, when a game allows you to do that then it’s a broken system, broken Matchmaking and for a game that PvP is one of the most important things on it, having that terrible matchmaking makes the game broken.

I was playing a Battle Royal game that day and a player killed our squad using wall hack, did we said screw him? No we said screw this game for allowing player’s to do that.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, in Hero Hunters is even worse and more ridiculous, cuz you don’t need to install other apps for cheating, the game itself allows player’s to cheat and manipulate the system and matchmaking barely give them any punishment.

I’m sure devs will always work on matchmaking, but it’s so unfortunate to see it’s not getting any better. I actually remember time that matchmaking was doing really good job with punishment but now? It’s worse than ever and so frustrating for players who play the game as it meant to be played.

And you are Wrong, can’t have fun playing PvP with this terrible system.


Oh yeah! You can be going against someone on your level that will really smoke you out or higher! It mostly gold and platinum level players that are in the top alliances!

Min/max is a headache especially with severely over powered hero’s mixed with weak hero’s but nothing is gonna change. The punishment for rolling out teams like this isn’t harsh enough. The system should recognized the level of hero’s and if there is a huge imbalance, you should get stacked against a much much higher overall team. I know they’ve tried this but they need to ramp the penalty up. If you want to bitch/max you should face a far more dominant team


Match making using highest power hero would do that… place 20k hero rest 8k you might get a team of 20k heros so you wouldn’t field the 20k with 8k in first place. Guess this requires to much coding lol…

It was never like this pre-December update. Now I just go with the flow. I hate it, but it also has made me a better player. & some matches you can’t avoid losing lol

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Easy fix would be to match their top player with teams made up the same way. If you bring a plat 10 star, 5 bar, level 90 hero and the rest of your team is a bunch of gold hero’s you should be matched against a team of all maxed out level 90 hero’s. It would stop min maxing almost instantly. Players would be severely punished for min maxing and would be forced to make up balanced Teams

This is exactly how the system usually works, if you bring a team with bars then you are faced with a team wit bars, the problem is it’s a bit aggressive atm where if you have a team of base plats and one with a single bar you are automatically pooled in with players who are doing the same but they may be 3 or 4 barred instead. I agree wit you but it should be more precise and exact on the matching

It would be nice to be more precise. That would also mean waiting 10+ minutes for the exact person who has the precise power level you need to come online and choose matchmaking. Our goal is to balance fair matchups with wait times.