Commandos seem more like your average UAF infantrymen than elite soldiers

I’m kinda confused with the UAF commandos, in description, they are these elite soldiers yet they seem to look like your basic infantry soldier rather than an elite soldier. If you compare them to Ryker or anyone in the UAF or Airborne who aren’t KLG enemy reskins, they do not really look experienced enough to be elites. Also the fact, they’re reskins kinda gives the idea that they are supposedly the infantry of the UAF. I could be looking into this way to deep but……

I don’t really know military stuff that well, I just got the idea since I’ve seen them come out of the chopper at the end of the event raid where you get void and astral fragments and I thought “hmmm, that’s strange they seem more like infantrymen than commandos, they’re literally being deployed into battle not into some covert operation”

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