🏅 New 1-star Hero Concept - Infantry Squad: The Loyal Soldiers

“UAF Infantry Squad 7A ready for combat.”

Infantry Squad (UAF Soldiers) | n/a | Assault Personnel – Combat Riflemen – Strength in Numbers | Mech | UAF

These men are nobodies. Soldiers from the old Allied forces, they fight a troubled and perilous fight, armed with less-than-satisfactory weaponry.

However, what binds these soldiers together is their loyalty to each other, and to the UAF. They will stop at nothing to defeat the great evil that Kurtz has brought, and will do so till the end…

…as simple, determined, loyal soldiers. Perhaps that makes them somebodies.


“Led by a squad leader, this group of Infantrymen rapidly bolster allied forces with additional personnel and firepower, obtained through sheer numbers.”

Bronze – Reinforcements – The squad leader calls in a UAF Infantryman to automatically attack enemies in battle. Each soldier has x Health and deals x Damage per second.

Up to 5 Infantrymen can be summoned, and all surviving members transfer to the next wave.

[Reinforcements] starts the mission with 100% charge, and has a very low charge pool.

Silver – Medical Assistance – Each surviving member of [Infantry Squad] is healed by x. If a member is at full health, the healing is distributed among the remaining members.

Gold – Brothers In Arms – When an Infantryman dies, all members of [Infantry Squad] gain x Armor, 15% increased Reload speed, and x Attack damage for 5 seconds.

Platinum – Overwhelming Force – For each Infantryman alive, each Allied Hero gains x Health. If the maximum number of Infantrymen have been summoned, all Allied Hero’s skills gain a 10% faster cooldown.

As long as there are surviving Infantrymen, if the squad leader is killed, after 10 seconds he will be revived with x Health.

R5 Infantry Rifle
Weapon Type: Assault
Rate of Fire: 3.65 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 16
Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage: Very low, but with all Infantrymen active the damage is much higher

(Creator Notes: The health of the Infantrymen is designed to be about 1/2 to 1/3 of the squad leader’s Health. If the squad leader is killed, the Infantrymen will still continue to do damage, but all buffs will be lost.)


Hey guys! I thought about this idea for a really cheap 1-star hero that isn’t all that impressive, but packs a punch at higher levels. I thought it might be a good hero for lower-level players to invest in, while offering some unique strengths distinct from Xianjiu and Holloway.

As always, a like and a comment with some feedback is very much appreciated, thanks!



This is the character which this is “hero” is inspired from. I always liked the generic heroes for some reason, not sure if anyone else feels that way.

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I created mine out of mind



Aha! You see I explained why they are not nobodies, thus becoming somebodies! :smirk:

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Like the concept of the ‘standard’ troops making a stand in the game! I love the idea of a soldier that can call in more troops as reinforcements and the whole ‘united we stand’ idea


Thanks @Dagamepro! The squad does share some similarities with Xianjiu, yes, which is why the squad leader and Infantrymen would have lower health and damage, but faster bronze and silver charge rates.

The biggest thing is making a 1* hero that a new player could quickly invest in. Kunoichi was one of them i believe, so why not make more? :thinking: You could almost certainly sell it in a way that would be a worthwhile investment.

Yup, stars only alter the heroes rarity, but can be evolved later onto 10 stars anyway like kuboichi so this hero would be interesting to see at higher tiers


Raised the number of summoned troops from 4 to 5. This would be compensated by a lower average health per member.

(EDIT: I also think that between waves, any infantryman that survives should transfer over to the next wave, even if they despawn and then are automatically respawned when the next wave begins.

I really like this concept because it would bring a new form of competition in Hero Hunters, more strategy. One question though, would the “Infantry Squad count as 1 Hero, or 5 Heroes?

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@J_A_D_O due to the way the mechanics work, it would be technically one hero. As a result, the Infantrymen would function exactly as spawned units (albeit ones more equal to the squad leader)

The squad would only be truly functional if all Infantrymen were active, plus to be a sustainable group, the Platinum revive would be necessary.

That makes a lot of sense. This was really thought through. Good job

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Thanks! I enjoy hero concepts a lot; trying to think outside the box for the skills and adding icons/designs makes it much more fun. :wink: