Community Clash and Portrait Contest Winners

Hello Hunters!

First of all, I’d like to give a huge “thank you” @neogens for the lovely artwork he created for this post!

Thank you as well to all of you who submitted your entries for the Community Clash and portrait designs! They were all very creative and interesting!

The team has gone through all the entries and the winners have been picked! Here are the ten people who won and ten Boss Wave teams that we will be fighting in an upcoming Danger Sim:

Team Name : Kinda Invincible
Team Composition: Magnus,Raven,Prophet,Shank,Shivs

Team name: Shockwave Saboteurs
Team Composition: Revenant (Skin: Rare), Voltage (Skin: Rare), Alvarez (Skin: Rare), Oracle (Skin: Mythic), Krieger (Skin: Mythic)

Team name: Zeus’s disciples
Team composition: halo, magnus , matador, bucket, Fischer…

Team name: Squad of Supreme Hunters/Supreme Squad of Hunters (SSH)
Team composition: Raven(Ghost), Prophet, Ballista(Wrath), Quasary(Futurisma), and Serial(Alive and well).

Team name: SOMA
Team Composition: SOMA(with rare skin), Stygia(with rare skin), Oracle(with mythic), Magnus (with mythic), Alvarez(with rare skin)

Team name: The Critical Squad
Team Composition: Dias (Tactical), Homerun (Hall of fame), Bypass (Overclocked), Serial (Alive and well), Nyx (Night Recon)

Team Name: Crit-Lift-Tical
Team Composition: Bucket with rare skin, Caine with mythic skin , Quasary with mythic skin , Bypass with rare skin, Jackal with rare skin

Team Name: Survive
Team composition: Raven(Ghost Skin), Magnus(The Legend Of The Blue Sea Skin), Verrill(Detective Skin), Matador(Annihilator Skin), Quasary(Futurisma Skin)

Team Name: The Western Warriors
Team composition: Clyde - Lone Outlaw, Marlowe - Calamity, Duran - Bandit, Krieger - Space Sheriff, Clyde - Lone Outlaw (or a Gorgon, stay tuned for potential double-Gorgon Min Sim surprises :stuck_out_tongue: )

And the Final Boss Wave goes to… @CptLappo and his “Love, Death and Robots”!
Team Composition: MK2 (Fiery Shark), Anvil (Permafrost), Galante (Fiery Liberator), SOMA (Voidfiend), Gorgon

After a long and intense vote, we now also have a winner in the Portait Design Contest!

The winning design is this lovely neon crown design by @Seo_Den :
image (9)

We also have not 2, but 3 runner ups which were very close to winning! Those are: (1)a2dc8754ecc842593ee6e6066046cd879406488b_2_250x250 (1)094418f2ae63a8696f2b59519558c308e0b0316f_2_500x500 (1)
These awesome designs from Anon The 1* Cast (on Discord), @neogens and @J_A_D_O !

The Community Clash winners will receive their gold rewards and special roles tomorrow!
The Portrait Contest winner and runner-ups will also receive their gold rewards tomorrow!

All portrait rewards will be sent shortly after the update in which the Danger Sim will be goes live.

Once again, thank you to all who participated, you never cease to impress with creativity!


wooooaah… youre welcome willow…

and i guess, it’s still not my time to join the community clash foster again…

gotta do more training… uha!!!

welp at least my min’s evil smile portrait got won for runner ups… HAHAHAA


Oh sweeeeeeeet, thanks DECA and willow. Congrats to all winners


congrats on your win supremo!!! ASTIG!!! Supremo lng sakalam!!! :sweat_smile:

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Hahahaahah chamba lang lodi

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Sheeeesshh, so humble eeyyy, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Chamba level 99999999

First time participating in a community clash. I’m glad that the team liked my submission. Hopefully these teams don’t [overload] min’s danger sim. Haha, can’t wait to fight them!

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