Community Clash 2023 Winners!


Hello Hunters!

The time has arrived! Let’s see who we will be fighting in the next Danger Sim event!

Team Name - Angel’s Saviour
Team Composition: Voltage, Barrel, Verril, Quasary, and Oracle

Team Name: The Expansion
Team Composition: Voltage, Fiber, Spewage, Duran, Stygia

Team name: The Unstoppables
Team Composition: Bucket(Goddess), Ballista (Wrath), Revenant(Deathly red), Ursus(Viking), Barrel(Paladin)

Team name: The Sandbagger’s Wall
Team composition: Verrill, Quasary, Phalanx, Caine, Bypass

Team Name: Society of Justice
Team Composition: Luciana (Phoenix), Magnus (Legend of the Sea), Richter (KLG), Hikari (Sensai), and Keir (Heartless)

Team name: To the Verge of Reality
Team composition: Silhouette (Zen), Revenant, Fiber (Melpomene), Stygia (Clockwork), Quasary (Crystallized)

Team name - Super Soldiers
Team - Serial, Bypass, Nyx, Richter, and Ballista.

Team name: The Summoners Shenanigans
Team Composition: Commander (KingFish skin), Castellan (Apex Sentinel skin), Hivemind (Wastelander skin), Halloway (Archetype skin), Striker (KLG)

Team name: Try me let you high
Team Composition: Ballista, Serial, Ursus, Barrel, Bucket

And the final boss wave goes to….


Team Composition: Gorgon Robot, Shank (Blackbelt), Shank (Blackbelt), Voltage (Prototype), Oracle (Sentinel)

Regarding the Community Star role:

As most of you know, in the past, Community Clash winners received the “Community Star” role in our Discord server. While the teams submitted had a part in who became a winner, a very important detail was also part of the criteria - the person’s “community standing and overall positive influence on the community”.

While a lot of our previous winners still uphold these qualities to this day, there have been some misconceptions around the role throughout time. This is why a new role has been created - “Community Clash Champion” - the role signifies being a winner in the event and nothing else.

Our grand winner will receive the previously created “Community Grand Champion” role.

Congratulations to all the winners! All of you will receive 1000 gold each and this amazing portrait, soon after the 7.0 update goes live!

P.S. I might need to contact some of you to confirm some details, please be on the lookout for a DM from me here in the Forum.


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Thank you for the update @Deca_Willow

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Thank you so much, And congrats to everyone who won.

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Thank you @Deca_Willow for winning us!!

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Thanks DECA and willow. Just saw this and was surprised.

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So being a CS did have a meaning after all?

looking forward to beating these teams

but hope these stones won’t be too huge

or it will hurt so much and unmovable. :slight_smile:

and thank Deca for this activity

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